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My freinds three year old ( almost 3) does not have a lot of language, she does understand Spanish and English but really does not talk a lot, should her mum be looking for some advice /help?


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Children learn by interaction so I would make sure your friend is talking a lot to the child and trying to get a response. Ask her questions and try to communicate as much as possible. Talk to her at mealtimes and during play so that she has as much opportunity as possible to respond.

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I understand there is some conection between lack of speech and early exposure to TV.

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You may find the child is just timid. Also my partner who is now 53, and can talk the hidleg off a donkey, did not talk until he was 4 ish. He was taken to a specialist who watched the interaction between him and his siblings and noticed his elder brother understood every 'grunt' and fetched and carried this rthings he needed. The specialist advised that the brother should stock acting as his lacky which he did and he had no choice but to talk.

Your friends child might be timid, have hearing problems, may even suffer from regular sore throats, or may not eed to talk as everyone else does the job.

When she starts school, you will find that she will interact more with her peers and if the school feel she needs to see a specialist they will advise this (thats if the spanish system is the same as the french).

If her parents are really concerned thay should take her to see a paedetrician who can run some tests. Just bear in mind every child is different and she just may be taking her time and building up her confidence - she is also living with two languages so that is not easy either.

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Might just be a quiet kid too. Over analyzing is the curse of modern society. Beyond that it´s a challenge EVEN if one is small to have to deal with multiple languages even if the tiny brains are faster at adapting, and learning. What we grown ups can´t do or take for granted should not be taken for granted in kids either. I would not be worried before the kid gets a bit older. Some people are just not very talkative even if they´re good listeners.

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The more attention we give anything the stronger and bigger it becomes. Maybe what you consider a 'problem' isn't one at all!
If we 'think' it is a problem, that in itself will create one (in only for you!) it also creates stress.
It sounds as if this is something you are concerned about as a friend, but maybe your friend doesn't feel there is anything wrong, so maybe you are judging a situation that only exists in your perception?
I am sure you intentions are good and loving, but maybe just let it be. Relax and trust that all is as it should be. Don't let the mother worry and as long as the child is happy, what else matters?
With love

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I saw a site that had a useful guide here:

I would advise you see a specialist. I think mums and dads do know best quite often so if you feel things are not going as they should have it checked out.

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