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We are moving to the Mijas area soon and I have been investigating the International College at Benaldemena. I have been told to consider my local school as well as my 9 year old daughter would soak up the language within 4 months - does anyone have any advise or knowledge and does anyone know the school in the area and have anything to say.Thanks.


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I dont know about schools in your area but my child grew up in Murcia which has very limited International schools.

You have to decide if you are in it for the long haul! if you plan on returning to the UK for GCSEs then go for the International school otherwise still with Spanish state schools.

Its a really bad time to be moving to Spain as thousands of families with children are flooding back in the other direction, anyone who needs to make a living here is being stretched in all directions. Everything you take for granted in the UK (at school) pens, pencils, paint, books, text books, absolutely everying isnt supplied here and normally costs about 300 euros a year. A basic school uniform at our school was 300 euros but most state schools dont wear uniform. My child picked up the language in about 8 months but that included the long long summer break. It was hard as I lived in a village and nobody had seen an English child at school before 2003 and some Spanish didnt take to it easily. The problem at senior school was other English kids who didnt want to be there!

I was never in a position to pay for private schooling but if you intend staying here being taught in Spanish in my opinion is best.

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My question is always, would we like moving to a new country, starting in a new job, and being unable to communicate?

I do not think the swim or drown approach is the best. The likelihood of getting any extra language support for your child is quite low from what I understand so if you do go for the local school, you should at least budget for outside school Spanish classes to support the child. Even if one is young, and a quick learners I doubt anyone will soak up the language in four months, and during these four months all other topics will suffer severely.

So my advice would be multi lingual school, or at least if that is not possible Spanish school but with extra tutoring in Spanish.


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Take it from someone who has been here 7 years, has children and the experience .... if you plan on staying here..... go the Spanish school route.

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