Looking for a Guardian Angel?

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Le Emigrie



Hello is there anyone in the Alacante area who might be travelling back to either France or the UK via France I have a young friend of my late son a young man who is having problems and we would like him to come stay with us till he gets sorted. but being Pensioners the only way we can help is to put a roof (which he is in danger of loseing)over his head hence the urgent need of a Guardian Angel has Spain such a person If so can you please contact me /we lost our only son in 2011 and this young man was a really good friend if our son were still alive we know he would have helped so can someone please help us get this young to a safe place we thank you in advance Mr J Baxter


Le Emigrie 1425672083

sorry I forgot to say what area anywhere within a 2 hour drive of Angers Le Mans or Rouen

again we will thank you in advance if there is an Angel somewhere in Spain can answer this call for help?????????

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