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Hi,   we are possibly moving to the Marbella area with a teenager and a toddler. I was looking at Aloha College for my teenager as a a school and thinking of normal Spanish kindergarten for my toddler. as for housing! what are the housing complexes like? Those with communal pools?   any info appreciated.   thanks


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Hi Miss Sarah

I can't help you regarding the schools, but we live in Calahonda in a really nice housing complex with amazing sea views, plenty of nature and a swimming pool. It is only a short drive to Marbella from here.

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HI Cloudbreak,


Thanks for your reply. 

Does your complex empty out over the Winter and then become packed in the Summer? Are there only expats and no locals?

Do you feel part of the local community or are you in an expat "bubble".



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Hi Miss Sarah

We haven't been here for too long, but it is relatively quiet at the moment. Has started getting busier now though. There are quite a few locals in our complex. I think feeling part of the community is up to the individual. We have lived in many places around the world and always make it a point of integrating with the locals.

Take Care.

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