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some ideas please about bset places along the coast. Not noisy, shops not to far, street market, walks and Spanish places to eat out. Am I barking at the moon?


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Alhaurin de la torre is a lovely place to live we have been here 3 yrs now. 15 mins from Malaga airport and beach... we are in the country but the town is lovely too.

AQUAMAN-847748 1260922577

Elvira is good, not too many English, good schools, beaches, restaurants, shops etc, and lots of woods, and only 5 mins from Marbella.

Cazzy-850634 1260965974

I think further Inland is much better.

cris-852355 1260971174

Try at bit further east. Costa Tropical has all you want. It is where Spanish people go for their holidays.

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Further inland is usually less touristic but you do have to have a stomach to see all the abandoned animals out there. Not for the faint-hearted. And if one wants peace I´d recommend the French countryside as Spain is in general full of sounds, and life. Infrastructure is usually not so good outside the coastal areas so you´d usually depend on having a car. Beyond that North of Spain might be worth a look too if you are not so keen on sun bathing but more into a peaceful "rural" lifestyle.

Happy Days-852860 1261322468

My husband and I live in France. We sold up in the UK four years ago.

We have a lovely apartment in the Costa del Sol which we have had for 8 years, so I know about both places to live and costs.

Our apartment is between Fuengirola and Mijas the white village in the moutains. In 10 minutes we can be on the beach, in 10 minutes we can be up the mountain in Mijas. On Tuesdays there is possible the largest market in the Costa del Sol. Shops, galore all round. In Campo Mijas the apartments are mainly spanish owned, with some english, french, german, dutch etc. Its lovely and peaceful, during the day we are often the only ones by the pool as everyone else is at work, children at school. We have the most amazing views of the mountains but we are not cut off at all. We rarely have the need for heating heating, in the summer we get the cool breeze being a bit higher up and we can sit on the front balcony and enjoy a glass of wine and watch the shepherd with his goats walking out on the condo.

Here in France, we have heating on all through the winter. We have gas heating which costs an arm and a leg. We burn logs from end September to end of March, they are not cheap either.

We have the snow and have not been out for days as the roads are treacherous. The house taxes are far higher than Spain, its not cheap to eat out so we rarely do. Clothes I never buy here, they are too expensive or cheap and tacky.

Don't get me wrong, we love where we live, we love the countryside, the slower pace of life in France, the empty roads and we live in the house we always dreamt about. I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

But Spain has a lot going for it, in the winter you can still enjoy the sunshine and beach, walk along the beach with just a tee shirt on, eat out with a vast choice of Spanish, Italian, Thai, Chinese, English etc. you don't get that choice here. Also one can shop till you drop.

So if anyone chooses Spain, good for you. If you choose France, also good for you. Its a matter of choice, for different reasons we love both and we think our place in Spain is perfect. Do consider Campo Mijas between Fuengirola and Mijas, I am sure you will find it perfect, and you will not be 'barking at the moon'.

magicdragon 1261395906

It will be Spain for us, France is far to cold and to expensive. Lots of useful advice so thank you and a merry christmas to you all, members and staff on Anglo Info

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