Soya Milk

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Where can I get this, need it for a child with eczema.


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Hi, They have it in Eroski or mercadona, I have seen it about.

rufus-847771 1200782846

Thanks for that got some, also thanks to kind lady who offered goats milk may get back to you on that at a later date. Any one out there got advice to offer on diet and eczema would like to here from you.


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hi there ... our son had eczema and is totally clear now after special diet and classical osteopathy. he still has soya milk though, doesn't like cows milk ... and, we've now started our 1 year old on soya rather than cows. Cows milk is very difficult for them to digest.

however, we highly recommend the alternative approach to clear up eczema, it worked for our son.

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