Sunblock or shade?

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or both for that matter, I wonder if I should stop lying in the sun, even though I use a sun filter cream, it is time to head for the shade. If you've lived here a while I wonder what you think, I am concerned about the dangers but do love the sun.


callie de sousa 1202826643

Both! And avoid the height of the day outdoors. If you keep in dappled light, and you use a good, not total sunblock you'll get a long lasting, golden, glowing tan and your skin will survive it. There's nothing more depressing that than the raw red wrinkles of all-day-in-the-sun skin. (in my opinion, of course).

geminian 1202893837

Whats the point if you cant enjoy the climate , but i would restrict the sunbathing to an hour a day - max. mid to late afternoon with plenty of sun cream, then skin moisteriser every night.

caddes 1202922401

Good advice!

And remember, the climate is about lots of beautiful bright light, half a year of long warm evenings, warm sand between your toes in the late afternoon, early swim and drying off in the morning sun etc etc etc etc

sizlu-847789 1203074745

I wear factor 25 on my face, all year round. During the summer i head for the shade and cover up when it's really hot, between 12 and 5 is the worst. And, sunblock, usually 25 or 30 all over. But, i still get a good tan!

Our kids wear total block on the bits that hang out from their sun suits! but, they still go a lovely golden brown ...

claudie-847773 1203240888

Thanks everyone for advice and views I think its the shade for me take a look at this site I found that shows what the sun can do

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