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Hello, I am an Irish lady, retired ,and living in Estepona. I have a Diploma in Childcare and 14 years experience caring for young children. I would be very interested to know if there is an Organisation in Estepona where I could volunteer my help to care for children,perhaps helping the children with their English. A school in Fuengirola had a program whereby English speaking volunteers went to the school on two days a week and the program was a great success. Perhaps someone know of similar programs in Estepona ?


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Dear Ms. Mccrite,

I have read your ad regarding your wish to volunteer with children in Estepona.

If you are still interested, please, contact me by phone or email.

Best regards.

Ms. Raquel Minguela  Phone : 689 77 64 88


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Try making contact with your local ayuntamiento, I'm sure they will know of somewhere you can volunteer.

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