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my daughter lives with her spanish partner and their 5 children, and he lost his job a while ago, now they are trying to claim benefits, but says she has to show her passport, but this ran out a few years ago, and she cant afford to replace it. She says they will get no money at all, I`m really worried about them, there is no way that I can afford to give her the money, will they really leave them to starve ? I hope someone can help me with this


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Did she ever register with the town hall as a co habiting couple ? I am surprised they are asking for her passport, especially as she has children, I presume born in Spain. Try the foreigners department of your local town hall. There is a lawyer in Marbella called Lawbird, they will answer a question via e mail for free.

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Having a Spanish partner I am fairly sure HE should be able to visit the Social Security office, as well as the unemployment office and get the requirements straight. But I am afraid there is no way around not being documented in the case of your daughter she will need to carry by law either a legal Spanish identification card or a passport. By law it is illegal to not have a valid ID card on you while being out and about in Spain.

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The following link may be useful to you:


Also I suggest going to your local church and asking for help from Caritas, a charity who give food packages to those in need. To receive this help you must take your "Padron", everyone who resides Spain should have registered for this at their local town hall.

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