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Looking for suggestions for what to do on rainy days when the kids can't get out and about. Our apartment is quite small so we are limited to less active stuff but I don't want them sitting watching Tv all day.

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Got some friends bringing their kids over for the whole summer and they are trying to find out about kids clubs or even a short summer camp type thing? Anyone able to point us in the right direction?

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Does anyone know whether parents are allowed to teach their kids at home in Spain?

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Hi, I'm looking to take my 10 year old (going on 15) daughter to Spain for a week at Easter. I'm looking for somewhere to stay with other kids around. Rosita speaks Cuban Spanish and I try. We could stay with a family and I could give maths or English classes to you or your kids. Please e-mail: noelrobx@hotmail.com Thanks, Noel

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my daughter lives with her spanish partner and their 5 children, and he lost his job a while ago, now they are trying to claim benefits, but says she has to show her passport, but this ran out a few years ago, and she cant afford to replace it. She says they will get no money at all, I`m really worried about them, there is no way that I can afford to give her the money, will they really leave them to starve ? I hope someone can help me with this

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We are moving to the Mijas area soon and I have been investigating the International College at Benaldemena. I have been told to consider my local school as well as my 9 year old daughter would soak up the language within 4 months - does anyone have any advise or knowledge and does anyone know the school in the area and have anything to say.Thanks.

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My freinds three year old ( almost 3) does not have a lot of language, she does understand Spanish and English but really does not talk a lot, should her mum be looking for some advice /help?

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some ideas please about bset places along the coast. Not noisy, shops not to far, street market, walks and Spanish places to eat out. Am I barking at the moon?

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Where is the best place to buy kids toys- have bought some things from Chinese shops but they were so badly made/possibly dangerous.

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Hi We are moving to Fuengirola in October and are staying until may 2010. It would be nice to find some new friends from you. We are Finnish easy-going couple in our thirties. We have 1,5 yrs old daughter. Don´t be shy, let us hear from You!

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Does anyone know where i can beg borrow or hire a proper cot? complete with wooden sides and mattress for use in the middle of July, many travel cots but not proper cots...................... please. Thank you.......................................... mikeroberts004@hotmail.com

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My partner is a construction worker and comes back everyday sunburnt but won't use sunscreen. How can I convince him that its really important?

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i want to buy some of the type that protects from the sun can you get that here

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i would like to see or hear a daily UV index is this on a radio or TV station or in paper

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I was wondering fi anyone knows a good and realiable nursery in casares playa area. I have just moved in and need to find a monday thro friday nursery to send my little ones. Any recommendation and advice will be very helpful Thanks Marie

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Are there any in the area and is it possible to have a home birth young friend wants to know

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Whats does it mean if you dream about your teeth falling out?

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is this possible here do anyone know? Would it be a case of paying privately

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My friend's daughter would like to start taking voice training/singing lessons. Can anyone recommend where to look?

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My 12 yr old son and myself are planning to move to fuengirola in july next year. We are both very excited but also worried about the move. As we wont no the area or anybody im worried that my son may at first feel isolated so i want to find the right school for him so that he can make friends. can anybody suggest a good school in the area? -.x.-

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