started by: claudie-847773 · last update: 1240322530 · posted: 1240305695

Does anyone know from where these things can be rented locally please? Many thanks.

started by: Mitsu-847763 · last update: 1239444916 · posted: 1239352469

My nieghbour is trying to locate a tutor for her son with special needs, is there anyone who provides this service.

started by: petal-847790 · last update: 1239304471 · posted: 1239271267

Years ago I used to make crepe paper flowers for Easter and I would like to pass this skill on- but i can't find anywhere selling crepe paper. Where might I buy it?

started by: petal-847790 · last update: 1238228428 · posted: 1237976120

Where can I get my hands on an old fashioned flower press?

started by: senna-850853 · last update: 1237753261 · posted: 1237570925

what are the school hrs and days down there in spain for the under tens?

started by: merrymen · last update: 1237370678 · posted: 1236765221

Wha are the best recipes for kids parties? I'd prefer easy thinbgs they can get involved with making? I like the idea of an old fashioned style party- jelly, icecream.....

started by: petal-847790 · last update: 1235465628 · posted: 1235393957

I have friends coming to stay and they will need to know where the nearest above church is. I am sure I heard there was one in Fuengirola

started by: mrsmack · last update: 1235039263 · posted: 1234693541

as a pensioner I think I am better off than many single working age and those with families. I am not going to jump on the poor old OAP bandwagon, we'd be worst off in UK. So why not invite a few less well off to Sunday lunch next week, do a spot of free babysitting.

started by: Paws In Need-847419 · last update: 1231620356 · posted: 1192367040

Does anyone know where Sasha Goodwin moved to from Arroyo de la Miel. She used to run/own the Rainbow Nursery and I would dearly like her to get in touch with me as she was always so kind and helpful. Suzanne. Suzanne

started by: CHRISTINE WOOLSEY · last update: 1230198699 · posted: 1229942998

Just to inform you that I have now heard from Stephen, he rang me yesterday and he is well and everthing is okay. I would like to thank everyone who posted a reply to my plea for their help and suggestions. Thank you Christine

started by: CHRISTINE WOOLSEY · last update: 1229679966 · posted: 1229442126

MISSING PERSON Can anyone help me? My son's name is STEPHEN WOOLSEY, he is 33years old and he has always kept in touch with us every 2 weeks since moving to Spain just over two years ago. However, I have not heard from him for nearly 7 weeks and I am very worried. His mobile phone is not working and I dont know where his new job is. His old job was in the La Cala area in a grill/bar I believe it was called Henrys or Jacks Bar. If anyone knows anything hoiwever minor please e-mail me. Thank you. christine

started by: panther-847828 · last update: 1227832139 · posted: 1227518938

tips please. We are fed up with the whole commercial madhouse. What do others do to have a good family christmas.

started by: claudie-847773 · last update: 1224667031 · posted: 1224241395

I really need to get christamas presents sorted for the family, children and adults. I will be working flat out the run up to christmas so need to do it now. Can anyone reccomend some good online shopping as I will only have free time late in the evening.

started by: panther-847828 · last update: 1223198757 · posted: 1223116167

Our children want there new dog to sleep in there room, is this a good idea, what do other parents/pet owners think. My wife is not keen on the idea but the kids sure are.

started by: mrsmack · last update: 1223029064 · posted: 1222784301

my mum needs one but says she has heard its very painful and you are off your feet for weeks anyone know if this is so?

started by: Lynn-849075 · last update: 1222445516 · posted: 1222274161

Hi, We are relocating to the Costa del Sol next summer and I am looking into International Schools for my three children. They are going to be in years 12, 8 and 6. Could anyone give me any info on good schools which are academically good but aren't too expensive? Does anyone have views on Sunnyview or British College of Benalmadena or Calahonda as these seem to be quite a bit cheaper than Aloha or EIC and as I have three to pay for it is unlikely that we can stretch to their fees! I would also appreciate any info on what extracurricular activities the schools have, particularly any competitive sports as my children are all involved in football, cricket, dance, trampoline (the list goes on and on....)

started by: sid-846600 · last update: 1221435298 · posted: 1175528217

Are there any support groups on the coast for families with children with Aspergers Syndrome? sid

started by: murilyn123 · last update: 1221435143 · posted: 1221435143

Hi, Someone sent me an email re.arty party in P.Banus but I lost the email, sorry..... It was a lady who was also a frostfire agent Waiting to hear from you again Murilyn Hutchinson

started by: mrsmack · last update: 1221392039 · posted: 1221392039

what are the pro and cons when deciding on you child education we are at a loss to decide what have other parents done.?

started by: Mitsu-847763 · last update: 1220972327 · posted: 1217584891

can anyone tell me whats happening with the St. Javier's International School. I have been trying to ring them for a couple of days now.

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