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has any one every heard of Charles Bonnet syndrome, my mother has been told she has this problem but she has not been able to explain it to me. I cannot get over to UK till next week and i am very worried indeed. Info would help.

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our niece has said she would like to get married here. Can anyone point us in the right direction for information on the legal stuff. We are resident but she is not.

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My hair is becoming really dry through lots of exposure to sun, saltwater and chlorine. What can i do to protect it?

started by: claudie-847773 · last update: 1215699697 · posted: 1215162493

Children are susceptible to the harmful effects of the sun beacuse their skin is thinner the younger they are, with a baby's skin is aound 1/5th the thickness of an adult's. Also but did you know that a child's skin can burn in as little as ten minutes? Research showns that six episodes of serious sunburn before the age of 18, doubles the risk of developing skin cancer as an adult.

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I know wearing sun screen in the pool messes up the water but how do you get around the problem of sun burn while swimming, especially with young children

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can I get this in the Benalmadena area if so where please.

started by: merrymen · last update: 1214133685 · posted: 1213188437

I've managed to get stung by a bee while out in the garden! What can i put on to soothe it?

started by: rufus-847771 · last update: 1212398846 · posted: 1212139680

help how can you remove this from babys head and keep it at bay.

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New Channel 4 documentary series CALLING ALL BRITISH FAMILIES WITH STRUGGLING BUSINESSES ABROAD Do you or do you know anyone whose dream of running a life and a business overseas has gone pear-shaped? Maybe it’s cash flow problems, language barriers or simply cultural differences that are making things difficult. Are you looking for some help and advice to save your business? If so then please call Meghan at 020 7 013 4556 or email Meghan.just-truelove@rdfmedia.com Meg

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Help !! Where can I find a childminder to look after two children in Benalmadena/Arroyo area ?? Can anyone help me ?!! I need someone who is prepared to be flexible and help with various shift patterns. paulsimpson

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Does anyone have experience of how the care system works here in Spain for the elderly? Joe

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thought it might help with the spanish to play only using the spanish language, question is should the letter counts be different do you need a spanish version?

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If I live in Spain but work in Gibraltar, am I entitled to send my children to a Spanish school?

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Does anyone know of such a thing, beginners level conversational Spanish.

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or both for that matter, I wonder if I should stop lying in the sun, even though I use a sun filter cream, it is time to head for the shade. If you've lived here a while I wonder what you think, I am concerned about the dangers but do love the sun.

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Where can I get this, need it for a child with eczema.

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I'm a young girl that has just dropped out of college and looking for a fresh start. Looking to move to a new country and im just wondering if any one would have any advice or information on how easy it would be to get a job and living expensives as i would be living alone. Any help is appreciated :)

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Our almost 14 yr. old daughter Ashley was wondering if there were other people around her age who also like playing keyboard, drums, guitar, etc. We divide our time between Jimena de la Frontera and Puerto Duquesa; if there´s anyone around these areas who would be interested in playing music, please call 628 482 839 and ask for Charlie (that´s me, Mum).

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We have an apartment in El Faro near La Cala de Mijas and will be over this year for 17 days over Christmas and New Year. We are looking for somewhere to go for Christmas Day lunch that is child friendly - we have 2 boys aged 7 and 4. Can anyone recommend somewhere child friendly? Many thanks Natalie

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I have a little boy of 6! What is there to do with him in the winter, I live in Marbella

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