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Hello. I'm Emma. I'm 20 year old. I live in Leicestershire. I run an internet support group for Aspergers Syndrome. I'm trying to raise awareness. Please log onto the site at http://www.assupportgrouponline.co.uk Em

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Does anyone know anything about Mayfair Academy? I am moving back to Spain and thinking of sending my son there. I'm a bit rusty on International schools - I went to Aloha and EIC but it was a long time ago...! Any advice or tips? Thanks

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Can someone recommend an English International school in the Marbella area please.... For my 7 year old daughter. sue

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Can anyone help. Over the past few days I have become covered in itchy bites! They are small for mosquito bites so little puzzled. Dont get mad get even

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I saw a couple of references in last week's SUR in English to the fact that Spain intends to introduce the EU law on pool safety (which basically means all 'in ground' pools will have to be fenced or covered'. This law certainly already exists in France where the penalty for non-compliance is 45,000 Euros. We are intending fencing off our pool this summer anyway (before a visit from my grandson) but if such a fence has to comply with a law it would be worth knowing in advance. Does anyone know anything about it? Alison

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Does anyone know when the kids holidays are? Not had a list from school.

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Do school children get a holiday in May? My parents want to come out wen the kids are off but Im not sure as they break up in June?

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Hi,Im trying to find some info on this school as hoping to relocate next year.My daughter will be leaving school in uk and we want her to do 6th form at this school as i understand they can continue until 18 years.Does anyone have an email address or contact for this school? Thankyou. j holmes

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Anyone any idea when kids start back at school?

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Hi all, I was wondering if any one out there can help me, I have just sold my house to move to Spain and am looking for a state school with a good reputation for helping children overcome the language barriers who have learning difficulties. My son is six years old. Many thanks Jayne

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Does anyone have any information on La Cala school please, I am thinking of sending my son there starting september 2007.

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Hi, Is anyone aware of a children's playgroup in the area of Fuengirola/Mijas. My son is 15 months old. Also, I'm looking for a babysitter if anyone is interested.

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Hi, im moving to benalmadena and have a child of 6 who will be needing to attend school. Does anyone know if he can attend state school(he knows very little spanish) and if so any that are recommended? pls help!

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Can anyone recommend a good singing teacher for an adult. I live in the Malaga area!

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Hi I am looking to get my 10 year old son started during the summer learning spanish, can anyone advise of where i can send him. we are living in calahonda. Thanks

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I am considering taking my children out of the Spanish school they are in and putting them into the local English private school. Does anyone have an opinion on this as I cant make my mind up!

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I need help. I have been trying to find out if it is possible to have a home birth in Alfaz Del Pi but dont seem to be getting anywhere. Does anyone have any advice. I would realy appreciate any help that you could give.

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hi trying to contact an old school friend mandy moore now taylor 2 children married to nick out in spain running a bar last knowledge inlaws also over there any info greatly appricated

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Does anybody know the correct date of the finishing days for school in the El Chapperal colegio and instituto of La Cala?? Loz

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Does anyone no when Tivoli world opens?

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