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When do any of them open, which ones are the best along the coast and any ideas on the costings?

started by: Shmeebie · last update: 1179408167 · posted: 1179332693

When does this open does anyone know? I have looked in a few places and it is giving me different dates...

started by: blackie-847025 · last update: 1179331493 · posted: 1179303715

Big debate around my pub at the moment is where should you put your kids here!!! Spanish school so they integrate and learn the language or private school which costs a fortune but they can be taught in English!! What do people think?

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How does the Spanish system work regarding dentists. I pay social security but seem to have to pay for my children to visit the dentist is this correct?

started by: jo-846628 · last update: 1177537974 · posted: 1177505594

What is the zoo like? Want to take the kids over the holidays?

started by: paul-846676 · last update: 1176930517 · posted: 1169746760

Has anyone been to this magic show. I have heard it is really good but quite expensive?

started by: summertime-846867 · last update: 1176459096 · posted: 1176217588

Hi looking for kids area in the Fuengirola area does anyone have any ideas? Indoor and bgger the better.

started by: Lauren-846625 · last update: 1175990964 · posted: 1175890173

Has anybody been to Tivoli world?? if yes could you give me your opinion on it because my little sister is wanting to have her 10th birthday party there but i have been told by some people that it is really good, and by others that it isn't as good as you would expect it to be :S please help. For what sort of ages are the rides designed for?? Loz

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Hi, I am wanting to enroll my 10 year old in a state school, is it true i have to go to the local town hall in estepona with his passport etc??

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My husband and I have been visiting costa del sol regularly for the last 5 years. We have two kids 7yrs and 10 months, we really want to make the move, but keep being put off as we don't have employment to go to and don't speak Spanish. I am in Real Estate in the UK and have mixed opinions as to job opportunities. An advice?

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Can anyone recommend a kiddie photographer want a nice picture to send back to relatives in UK. I live in Fuengirola.

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Hello, I am Zsuzsanna and I'd like to have a job as au pair from April 2007 in Marbella or near to the city.I am looking for a friendly family with sweet children or child. :) Hello, I am Zsuzsanna, 22 years old, I'd like to have a position as au pair from April 2007.I am looking for a nice and friendly family near to Marbella.

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Heard a lot about sotogrande but not sure what there is to do, any ideas anyone?

started by: jo-846628 · last update: 1173172848 · posted: 1173172848

My friend has just moved to Velez Malaga and needs a nursery for her 18 month old child or a nanny if that is difficult, does anyone know of one...

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I think I have been bitten by mosquitos, isnt it a little early for them? Does anyone have any cures for stopping them biting me?

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can anyone tell me if there is any after school clubs that my children can stay in until I get home from work? I work in La Cala but live in El Faro. I have one child in primary school, and two in secondary school. Is there anything for my children to do during holidays and week-ends because El Faro is quite empty?? thanks Lu

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Hi, am wanting to learn spanish with private lessons for me and my kids, can anyone recommend someone in the malaga area please sandie

started by: sandie-846602 · last update: 1168250252 · posted: 1168161572

Does anyone know when El Chaparral school goes back? Some say monday others tuesday!!! sandie

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Can anyone advise me on schools. Would you recommend a Spanish state school or Private school for my children to go to. One is 10 and one is 15? sid

started by: jessica-846603 · last update: 1167411842 · posted: 1164469536

Its my first year down in the Costa del Sol and I was wondering what there is for children around this period. Does anywhere have chistmas parties, father xmas etc. I live in the La Cala area. jess

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