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how do I know if I am resident?

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hi my wife and i are planning on moving to the costa del sol at present we pay non resident tax when we become residents we plan on living of the money we recieve from the sale of our property here in scotland we also own our own apartment in spain what tax will we have to pay once we are living there

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Does anyone know if there is an investment forum or community for the Costas? I moved recently to Marbella and wish to find out if there are groups who meet up, chat rooms, forums etc., to discuss investments. I'm a bit bored now and looking to find something interesting to do which is social, but business/investment related.

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Thousands of Brits with property inSpain may be entitled to a sizeable refund on abusive mortgage clausesOn 21stDecember 2016 the European Court of Justice ruled that these abusive bankclauses known as ‘Floor Clauses’ were unlawful and banks are liable to pay backfull refunds to customers.Many peoplewho have bought property in Spain with Spanish mortgages will have been subjectto a ‘Floor Clause’, which sets a minimum interest rate.  The official Euribor rate dropped drasticallyin 2009 and failed to recover. Unfortunately however, customers were unable to take advantage of theselower rates and were stuck with paying overly inflated monthly interestpayments. Following theEuropean Court ruling customers are now able to claim back the overpaidinterest from day one which in many cases is over 10,000 euros.  They may also be entitled to claim back theset up costs of the mortgage.Lawyers inSpain have has a lot of success in claiming back overpaid interest for clientswho hold or have held Spanish mortgages. Many banks are deciding to settle asthe prospect of success of any court action following the European ruling isvery slim, especially with regards to British clients who are much moreunlikely to have understood the implications of the floor clause on signing upto their mortgage.If you thinkyou might have a mortgage containing this clause and are interested in claiminga refund from your bank in Spain please contact Victoria at British Lawyer inSpain on 678826771 for a free review of your mortgage deed.

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Yes - owning your house "mortgage free" has been a great investment up to now .... but things are about to change!I have been an advocate for owning Gold & Silver Assets for the last 8 years, ever since the Financial Crisis of 2008-9 caused the Central Banks and Western Governments, in particular, to flood the market with liquidity and embark on 8 years of extraordinary stimulus measures in order to prop up the ailing economies of the developed world and keep the financial system from imploding.So far, on paper at least, it seems to have worked if you believe the government figures and media hype, but fundamentally we are now much worse off than we were back in 2008. However, to achieve this superficial economic recovery and maintain the “status quo”, the misallocations of capital, extended period of near zero interest rates and enormous expansion of the base money supply and government debt burdens, are all factors that will virtually guarantee that an inevitable reset to our financial system is now “baked into the cake” and will likely happen sooner rather than later.So now is the time to recognize the danger signs and make sure you have the one asset that has always proved its value during such times of market and monetary upheaval; this valuable asset is of course, Gold!  You see the reason that Gold is so valuable is because it has retained its value, ie: its purchasing power throughout the ages has hardly changed, whereas our major Fiat Currencies have all lost around 90% of their value, when measured against the same basket of goods or hard assets. A way I like to explain this most important reason why Gold (and Silver) are the best assets to own and hold securely for yourself at such times, is in relation to something most people are familiar with and mistakenly think is the best investment they could have ... namely, their own House! Of course owning your own house is a comforting feeling … but as an investment is it really that good versus Gold. To test this out, let’s look at an average 3 bed house valuation in the UK, back around 25 years ago, when you could have bought this for about 25,000 pounds, or around 200 ounces of Gold, which had roughly the same value at that time. Now 25 years later the current price is around 200,000 pounds or a little over, which is roughly 9 times more expensive. But, most people will argue that this means their investment has gone up really well during that time … and measured in Fiat Currency terms, it has! The problem is that when measured in Gold, you could still buy the same house now for the same 200 ounces of Gold. You see in reality, the value of your Gold hardly changed when measured against a real asset like a house, whereas the value of your fiat currency lost a large amount of its value or purchasing power, because now that same house needs an expenditure of over 200,000 of your lower valued pounds, to buy the same house!!To put it another way, which really emphasizes the crucial importance of owning Gold in times of market upheavals, let’s see what is likely to happen if the property market crashes again soon. If the value of your 200,000 pounds house fell to be only now valued at 100,000, you will find that the value of Gold that you own would stay approximately the same during this property crash and may even rise in value. So if, you had 200 ounces of Gold at that opportune moment, you would actually be able to buy TWO houses now for 100,000 each. So you can see how long term, Gold is a far more secure and lucrative investment than even owning typical residential property investments.The current property markets are now vulnerable and showing signs of overheating once again, plus with mortgage interest rates on the rise again, property is unlikely to be a better investment for the next several years than owning Gold & Silver. So if you don’t own much yet, now is the time to put at least 20% of your money, or swap some of your other investments, for holdings of Gold and Silver, coins or small bullion bars. You can also now easily open an online Holding Account for Precious Metals and have a Debit Card associated with your holding, so you can use this to pay for purchases and services, in the same way as you use your bank debit card with your normal bank account. However, the big difference is that your Currency in your Bank account is losing purchasing power every month, whereas your Gold holding is retaining its purchasing power far better and is more likely to appreciate in value than lose value going forward, particularly if financial markets become more volatile and cause a damaging reset to currency valuations, as is quite likely in the coming years.For further insights into this oncoming new crisis and how to acquire Gold Assetsfor youself or your company, please see my Financial Blog at:-www.ferrarifnl.blogspot.com.es or my business website at:- www.ferrari-financial.com 

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Most people complain about the rising cost of living and the difficulty of making their money go further. The truth is that the real purchasing power of your money is being gradually eroded by creeping inflation and the debasement of our currency  by government actions like money printing and abnormally low interest rates. You can’t change government policy quickly,  but you can stop the erosion of your savings and overall wealth by putting some of your savings and investments into Gold & Silver assets. Think of it this way and you’ll understand why. Since the Global Currency system we have today started to be controlled by the central banks and the actions of governments, the real value of our paper money (currency) has been slowly eroding. In the last 40 years the cost of an average 3 bedroom house in the UK has probably risen from around £20,000 to £225,000 a rise of more than 1100%. But the value of this same house, measured against the value of Gold has remained virtually unchanged. In other words if you had owned just 200 ounces of Gold back in the 70’s you could have bought this house outright then, as you could do with the same amount of Gold today! Why,  because it isn’t that the value of the house has gone up 1100%  but more that the value of your money has gone down, thereby requiring much more “money” to buy that same house.  Gold has been the best store of value for the last 5000 years and is still the best defense against rising prices and depreciating currency values.When Gold & Silver prices probably rise again this year, like they have done almost each year for the last 20 years, you can sell some of your holdings back into cash easily and pocket a fantastic profit and use this as another source of income.  But the additional bonus is that all the time you own and hold precious metals, they are the safest asset you could have; much better than bank accounts, stocks, bonds or nowadays even retail property.  That's the 2 main reasons you really should now consider putting at least some of your savings into Gold & Silver Bullion or Coins or open a Gold Holdings account.Ferrari Financial Limited (UK), can facilitate acquiring Gold and Silver assets, Coins and Bullion bars easily and securely for you here on the Spanish Costas and internationally.  To find out more on Gold & Silver purchases directly at the best prices, please contact Ferrari Financial directly by email at: ferrari.fnl@hotmail.com  or see our Website:www.ferrari-financial.com 

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The “real” reality is that Western matureeconomies have run their course and are simply overvalued and non-competitive,with a depleted manufacturing base and with  “maxed out” consumers living basicallyfrom week to week, with little or no savings and more dependent on the State forhelp than ever before. This is not the basis for a new economic age ofexpansion and my contention is that we will have to endure significant painbefore we all see significant economic gain, once again. The best scenario, inmy view for the next 5 to 10 years is “Stagflation “at best, ie: risinginflation but slow growth, or the worst scenario is a full blown recession forthe Western mature economies, while the emerging markets catch us up, until thecompetitive playing field is levelled and globalism can finally  be productive for everyone, thereby settingthe stage for the next big economic global expansion phase, probably around the2022-2025 period.For most people that don’t figure in the financially elite top 5%, the next fewyears could be very damaging for the unprepared, with many being pushed intodebt slavery and actual poverty. However, for the savvy investor prepared to makeimportant changes to the way they invest and their choice of wealth assets and theways they manage their money, the next few years could bring windfall profitsand be really life changing!For more insights into this unfolding scenario and the steps you shouldconsider taking to protect yourself and your family from impending economicstrife, please read my previous articles on Linkedin or Twitter and see my website:-www.ferrari-financial.comBest Wishes,Carlo Ferrari

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The legal help you need in Spain available anytime you need it.Our lawyers provide all the legal solutions for foreigners in Spain, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.For only 184 euros per year, less than 16 euros per month.The company which will help you solve all your legal matters in Spain. From small questions to major problems, our lawyers will advise you effectively and at a minimum cost. 

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Do you need advice on any type of investment?Let me know.I make what might seem complicated, simple.No pain.Any question - ALWAYS ASK, ALWAYS.Skype: bernarddbrownEmail :  bernarddbrown@gmail.comMy speciality is long-term stock-picking like.....AMT [NYSE],American Tower Inc, or corporate bonds....

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If you have a query and are looking for someone to help you straighten out the complexities of this new law.  Please contact us at My Legal Associates. We offer to help you with your Holiday Rental Registrations, whichis now compulsory with the Junta de Andalucia (Turismo y Deporte) andlocal Policia Nacional, to have done for each ofyour visitors when they use your property.HOLIDAY Rental Registrations. Andalucía – Decree 28/2016 and Security Laws from 2003. If you would like further advice please call us on 952810391 or at 696166338. We are here to help you resolve your questions.  

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Do you own a property on the Costa Del Sol, do you use it for holidaylettings?Recently there have been some changes which affect the way you can use your property for holiday rentals.  We offer to help you with your Holiday Rental Registrations, whichis now compulsory with the Junta de Andalucia (Turismo y Deporte) andlocal Policia Nacional, to have done for each of your visitors when they use your property. HOLIDAY Rental Registrations. Andalucía – Decree 28/2016 and Security Laws from 2003. · Registration of Holiday Properties and obtaining occupancy license· Administrative Proceedings· Notarised Documents· Property Conveyancing

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HI All, We are new to this forum, just looking for any advice on buying a holiday home on the Costa del sol, we like Estsapona area, La Cala etc, we would need to rent it out, advice on locations, the buying process, agents etc.  Any advice at all . Thank you 

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Malaga Law have a large web site and I ask if any one has had any experience of dealing with them?

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Can anyone recommend a spanish/english lawyer who deals in property

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Hi guys, can anyone recommend a good English speaking gestor in the Malaga area for starting a business? Ideally with experience in the area of hospitality (bars, restaurants...). I'm looking for someone trustworthy who can find ways to get things done rather than saying something can't be done. Thanks!

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Hi guys, I need my NIE number. Does anyone know on which day and on what time I need to go to the Police Station for that, do I need to make an appointment, and what kind of papers do I need to bring? Please let me know.   

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Would any readers please contact me if they know, knew, or had any dealings with Jeffrey Quirk. A former accountant.

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Hallo. I was informed today by a retirement home in Spain that my Uk state pension would have to be converted into a Spanish pension before I could join the Spanish health system. I queried that claim. Surely the S1 form would suffice?

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We have an apartment that was inherited.Last year when the local council tax bill arrived we went to the town hall, paid and then set up a direct debit.They said something tous about making sure it was paid before the end of the year, otherwise you would pay more. I am not sure how this works when it is on direct debit.We havent been out for a few months.Do we need to come and collect the current bill and go to the town hall as we did last year?Alternatively will it just continue with any increase automatically adjusted.

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We have had IBI payment taken from our bank late February (DD set up by spanish lawyers).   Its obviously for part of a year.  Would anyone be able to tell if this will be IBI tax due for first 3 months of 2015 and if we can expect similar debit every 3 months. (Last time we paid IBI was in September 2014, first anniversary of our house purchase - we think this was for all of 2014). Looked at tax information on this site but couldnt see answers to these questions.  Would really appreciate some help with this till we get a grip of what's due and when.

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