Save your money in Gold and not in Cash!

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Most people complain about the rising cost of living and the difficulty of making their money go further. The truth is that the real purchasing power of your money is being gradually eroded by creeping inflation and the debasement of our currency  by government actions like money printing and abnormally low interest rates. You can’t change government policy quickly,  but you can stop the erosion of your savings and overall wealth by putting some of your savings and investments into Gold & Silver assets. Think of it this way and you’ll understand why. Since the Global Currency system we have today started to be controlled by the central banks and the actions of governments, the real value of our paper money (currency) has been slowly eroding. In the last 40 years the cost of an average 3 bedroom house in the UK has probably risen from around £20,000 to £225,000 a rise of more than 1100%. But the value of this same house, measured against the value of Gold has remained virtually unchanged. In other words if you had owned just 200 ounces of Gold back in the 70’s you could have bought this house outright then, as you could do with the same amount of Gold today! Why,  because it isn’t that the value of the house has gone up 1100%  but more that the value of your money has gone down, thereby requiring much more “money” to buy that same house.  Gold has been the best store of value for the last 5000 years and is still the best defense against rising prices and depreciating currency values.When Gold & Silver prices probably rise again this year, like they have done almost each year for the last 20 years, you can sell some of your holdings back into cash easily and pocket a fantastic profit and use this as another source of income.  But the additional bonus is that all the time you own and hold precious metals, they are the safest asset you could have; much better than bank accounts, stocks, bonds or nowadays even retail property.  That's the 2 main reasons you really should now consider putting at least some of your savings into Gold & Silver Bullion or Coins or open a Gold Holdings account.Ferrari Financial Limited (UK), can facilitate acquiring Gold and Silver assets, Coins and Bullion bars easily and securely for you here on the Spanish Costas and internationally.  To find out more on Gold & Silver purchases directly at the best prices, please contact Ferrari Financial directly by email at: [email protected]  or see our 

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