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Hi.  Im looking for a nice restaurant for dinner in Malaga. I am looking for a classy restaurant, something different than the normal restaurants in the center. 

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I have lived in Spain many years and have my Residencia and I own my own home. I am now thinking I would like to open a business here selling homemade food. Any information would be gratefully received regarding opening licences, food safety, generally everything I need to know and do. I do have a Gestor but am always willing to listen to any outside advice. Much appreciate any feedback please. Thanks so much. Louisa.

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We are staying near PB in October self catering and wondered if there is a good fish shop or market rather than the supermarket in the area? 

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where in Estepona can I buy a chicken roti?                  

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I was gifted a couple of kilos of kumquats (mandarinas chino) does anyone have any recipes for them please?

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Can anyone suggest a bakers who can make a special birthday cake to order for me please?

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does anyone know where i can buy some?

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Starting to see some special offers on "christmassy" foods starting to appear in the supermarkets. Check out Dia this week for frozen prawns and chocolate/praline bars.

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I have seen a few subscription boxes advertised wherre they send you a pack of new foods/ingredients to try each month. Does anyone subscribe and is it good value for money?

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Where are the best places (best prices/variety/offers for bulk buys?) for buying Spanish wine.

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anyone got any good picnic recipes? going to the beach on saturday and want to impress my spanish friends!

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I like to serve cous cous quite often in the summer as it is so easy to prepare just though i would share a great recipe site I found. We will be having  a spicy fish recipe today yummy http://www.yummly.com/recipes/vegetable-couscous-fish

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what does horchata have in it? I tried some but can't quite figure out that flavour....

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I have been given about 5kg of under-ripe peaches, how should I store them? and any interesting ideas to use them are welcome too.

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do any of the supermarkets stock green thai curry paste

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Hi Just wondering if anyone knows of a vegetarian restaurant in Malaga? Thanks in advance for any help!

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I've been looking at the different capsule machines like nespresso and tassimo, but we mainly drink tea at home. I was wondering if someone who has one can tell me whether the tea capsules are nice - is it worth getting one of the machines if you don't drink much coffee?

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Is it me, or is the sliced bread here taste overly sweet? I tried a couple of different types but it all seems to be the same.

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I bought a box of vaporised rice the other day - whats the difference between this and normal rice? What recipes can I use it in?

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Looking for tips and advice for cooking on the open fire  anyone on here do it?- really want to try doing aubergine on the hot coals!

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