caballo de angel

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where can i buy a jar of caballo de angel filling for baking? I couldnt see it in Dia, though maybe I was looking in the wrong place.

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beckmiddleton-853127 1322131561

Have a look in the jam/honey area of Mercadona, I've bought it from there before. The tin is white with pictures of the fruit on the front.

mrorangepeel 1322213420

I hope you don't mind me asking, but i have never heard of caballo de angel - it translates as angel hair, but that doesn't tell me much!! what is it??

mgordon 1322478608

Thanks Beck, I managed to find the tins, must have walked by them before and completely missed them!

mgordon 1322478688

mrorangepeel - caballo de angel is used in a lot of spanish cakes - it is a sweet puree made from what look a bit like melons on the tin, but I'm not sure what sort they would be.

mgordon 1322554292

I did a bit more reading and it turns out that they are Asian Pumpkins. They are also used a lot in Thai cuisine apparently but the Spanish tradition originates from Mallorca.

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