De-scaler kettles, shower head & coffee machines

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Being a Yorkshirelass its not surprising I like my tea! The water here is so hard and I am on my third kettle already. Any hints or tips as to the best stuff to use here to descale the kettle? I can't keep getting my friends and family to bring over the descaler from sainsburys! Especially any suggestions that dont involve chemicals or corrosive substances. hoping this kettle will last a tiny bit longer.

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sneezewort 1304583106

Hello yorkshirelass!

We use vinegar to get rid of the scale inside the kettle. Just pour in a small amount, with a little water, and bring the kettle to the boil. The scale just lifts off and can be rinsed away! Just be sure to rinse several times to make sure you don't have vinegary tea to drink! As for the shower head, I saw a trick on that Kim and Aggie show on TV - they put the vinger into a plastic sandwich bag and sealed in round the shower head for half an hour or so!

Hope this helps.


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Thank you I will give it a try. Any particular type of vinegar? White wine vinegar do?

sneezewort 1304635514

Any type of vinegar seems to work fine, I have used both red and white wine vinegar! maybe not balsamic though lol

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