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Not sure if i am allowed to post a reccommendation for a cafe, but I visited such a lovely place in fuengirola port at the weekend i wanted to share it with other people. If you are interested in the name please let me know. A lovely couple who have only been there for a week or so, they have parrots and a terrace that is really safe for young children. They are situated one back from the actual front line of the marina but in their own little right hand corner of the main port square. As i said, i won't put their name on here in case its against the rules but they really are offering good value and freshly cooked and prepared food. Island girl.

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sneezewort 1304582902

You are allowed to post the name providing it is not your business :)

What kind of menu does the restaurant have? is it typical spanish?

islandgirl-855499 1305239653

Sorry for the delay, been away for a few days.

The cafe is called Lost, its got the entrance on the road that runs through the actual port and another one with the terrace that goes from the main square.

They said they are getting a bouncy castle for kids to use whilst the parents relax with a drink. Its a nice location and in our opinion is worthy of some support.

Food is traditional cafe style but i have to say i have tried their hot nachos and a couple of other dishes and they were really different and good.

Hope that helps if anyones looking for a change.

Island Girl

ladygaga-853361 1305278148

Thanks for the recc, always useful to have an idea of places to eat in areas you don't really know. Next time we visit we'll probably try it out.

Steven-855587 1306901742

I took the time to visit this recommendation and here is my take on it.

1, Food, well dissapointing it really would be nice to see an English owned bar/cafe serve something other than typical "snacks" especially in this area and a little over priced for the quality served in comparison to what else is avilable in the local vicinity.

2, Do you really want to see/hear noisey birds while trying to have a quiet drink and bite to eat? they are very loud.

3, If you are looking for a typical English run bar this is the place to be.

On a more positive note the guy the owns the bar is very friendly.

minesawine 1310323270

We visited this bar too. The place was a mess....kids stuff everyway, dirty plates etc. As for the parrots....mmmm, not sure I liked the idea of my food being cooked by a guy with a parrot on his shoulder, or the parrot walking up and down the bar eating off the plates. Each to their own I guess. The food was disappointing to say the least.

Won't be visiting it again and certainly wouldn't recommend it.

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