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I want to make a trifle but couldn't see packets of jelly cubes in the supermarket, I asked the girl and she showed me ready made jelly in the chiller but thats not what i'm after. Any ideas???

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lizzieg-855747 1310909397

Jelly is in Iceland, your supermarket overseas. Also in crystals. But the best trifle is jelly free..

mgordon 1310986827

I don't really like Iceland, it's expensive. Don't Spanish supermarkets sell jelly at all? it is an essential for our families trifle recipe...

GWM-847741 1311000338

Yes, Spanish shops do sell jelly. comes in a box of Sachets, usually stocked where they have mixes for making flans, near the tinned fruit in Mercadona.

Celticwarrior-853936 1311018637

Mercadona and Dia sell gelatin in the sachets that you could use.

mgordon 1311073411

Thanks guys I must have walked right by them the other day - I guess it was because I was looking for the little cube packs rather than sachets? I now have some sachets - any tips for making the jelly mix - is it the same consistency as the jelly we are used to at home in UK?

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