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I am currently having curry phase and want to know if I can buy lemgrass anywhere. Also what is it called in Spanish? And what are cardomon seeds called?thanks!

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hustlersambition 1287401104

If your curry phase is set to last, why don't you grow a lemongrass plant. I saw them for sale online somewhere but can't find the link now, if I remember it I'll get back to you.

hustlersambition 1287564371

Cardamom is called cardemomo in spanish!!

Clubjapones.com 1308591332

Check in Chinese market en Torremolinos .

Bridie-853867 1308790635

I grow my own. you can buy seeds online and it grows well in pots. It likes lots of water or it grows quite woody. Good luck,

mrorangepeel 1309167343

Bridie, which seed supplier do you buy them from online? I have used Thompsons seeds from uk before but had trouble fndng a spanish company selling seeds.

Bridie-853867 1309446524

I have to confess I used the same one.

mrorangepeel 1309561020

Will have to stick with them then, I have to say I was very impressed with their service, the last batch of seeds I ordered arrived so quickly and were good quality. So, does lemon grass need shade then or would it be ok in a sunny spot?

Bridie-853867 1309815509

I am not an expert but mine seems to be ok in a semi shaded spot - I think trick is not to let it dry out. God luck!

mrorangepeel 1309870458

Thanks for that will give them a go.

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