melon recipes

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I have an excess of melons and need some creative recipes - anyone have any nicer summery suggestions?

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beckmiddleton-853127 1311668339

Melon sorbet sounds like a delicious idea, so cool and refreshing, perfect for the hot weather :)

ladygaga-853361 1311757270

This melon soup looks fun - I reckon I'd replace the blueberries with rasberries or strawbs...

mrorangepeel 1311852957

I am trying the sorbet recipe now, sounds great. Will give the soup a go another day. Any more ideas? Keep 'em coming!

Tangocat-853964 1311866538

Melon juice is a lovely drink. Just put it all in the blender. I experiment by adding other fruit as well.

harepaws 1312028455

Tangocat- when you make melon juice do you need to drink it straightaway? I was thinking of making some for a party I'm having but wonder if it will go funny if I prepare in advance...

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