open fire cookery

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Looking for tips and advice for cooking on the open fire  anyone on here do it?- really want to try doing aubergine on the hot coals!

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hustlersambition 1385675722

In Turkey I saw them cooking aubergines on the fire -  they literally just stab them a couple of times with a sharp knife and then put them on glowing coals, turning occasionally until the skin is blackened.

sneezewort 1386067497

We love cooking on the fire - you've got to try eggs in their shell - really delicious!

borne.wilde 1386111101

thanks for the suggestions

now questions - how long does the aubergine take exactly?

for the eggs, do i need to pierce the shell or something first? won't they explode?

sneezewort 1386449371

we don't bother to crack the shells, just make sure the eggs are not on direct heat and move them around every few mins.

custardpie-903507 1386701706

I guess it depends on the size of the aubergine. You should be able to tell by touch, they go really soft when done.

borne.wilde 1386781987

We have tried the aubergine now, you are right, it is easy to tell if they are done by prodding them!

hustlersambition 1388744969

Sweet potatoes and artichokes are also great on the fire!

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