Opening a Homemade food business. (Selling only not restaurant)

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I have lived in Spain many years and have my Residencia and I own my own home. I am now thinking I would like to open a business here selling homemade food. Any information would be gratefully received regarding opening licences, food safety, generally everything I need to know and do. I do have a Gestor but am always willing to listen to any outside advice. Much appreciate any feedback please. Thanks so much. Louisa.

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Hi Louisa

I am not sure of all the detail and I really think that your Gestor will be able to give you all the details. I think though that you will be required to have a Food Handlers Certificate called a carnet de manipulador de alimentos. This may require you to attend a course, but again, your Gestor should be able to answer this as it may vary region to region. Is yur plan to open a restaurant or work from home and do home deliveries? This could also make a difference.

Good luck!

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Hi SouthSpain, Thanks for your reply. It really is only an idea at the moment and of course to work out costs etc. Trying to collect as much info as possible. Idea is for a Deli stye shop. Not selling from home. Home deliveries may be a possibility down the line have to see how things evolve. Im really only thinking on a small scale just now but who knows where this project may lead ha ha!! Thanks again.

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Hi Louisa

Sounds exciting. Location will be everything. Make sure that you do a business plan. If you need a copy of a format and some assistance putting it together, let me know (no charge). This would tell you quite quickly within reason if it would work or not.

Have a good day.

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