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ok we are two srs coming to costa del sol torremolios to be exact for the month of feb where will I get good ol chunky peanut butter where will I find authentic local flemenco dancing not the tourist stuff where will we find authentic local acoustic guitar entertainment in the evening in torremolios dont want to rent a car so will take trips to tangiers gibraltar alhambra for sure any suggestions on economical ways to do this out of torremolios how about getting fm the sol timor hotel in torremolios to the airport as we will also be going to paris for a few days

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harepaws 1295947789

For the peanut butter, try any of the British shops. Spanish supermarkets sometimes have "manteca de cacahuetes" but whenever I have bought that it is smooth...

augustus1016 1295981300

great and thanks


do u know of a spanish food store near the sol timor in torremolios

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