peanut butter

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Has anyone seen peanut butter for sale anywhere, I really fancy some on toast!! crunchy sort if possible...

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golfmad 1306409813

Hi you can buy peanut butter in Lidl.

mrorangepeel 1306483007

Cool, thanks for that!

ladygaga-853361 1306742625

Hi mr orangepeel,

if you have a moroccan grocery store near you, try there. I have seen peanut butter in my local shop, they also have some good bargains on spices and dried fruit.

Tangocat-853964 1306801038

I think i have seen it in Iceland in Fuengirola too.

linda bestwick 1319138991

have you seen any hooks used for hanging punch bowl glasses from the punch bowl, ?? have the bowl and the glasses but need the hooks ??

harepaws 1319186509

Try your local ferreteria...

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