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heaven sent



I have seen a few subscription boxes advertised wherre they send you a pack of new foods/ingredients to try each month. Does anyone subscribe and is it good value for money?

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borne.wilde 1393324707

Haven't heard about these - can you put a link to the website?

heaven sent 1393407388

Sorry bit daft of me. The two I was looking at are :

borne.wilde 1393507789

Looks like quite a good way to try new products, nmaybe worth signing up to their mailing list and looking out for an introductory voucher code as a way of getting it cheaper :-)

hustlersambition 1393583904

I had a look on the facebook pages and Degustabox looks really good, you can see pics of the box contents that subscribers have far as I can understand you can cancel the subscription if you don't like it! Let us know if you order it heaven sent, its a cool concept!

candygirl-860353 1394182968

I tried a beauty box (joliebox) last year but decided to stop after the first month because it was an unneccessary expense and I didn't think all of the items were that great. I think generaly the subscription box thing is just a novelty, ok if you have spare cash to spend otherwise you may as well just go buy the products you want actually want.

heaven sent 1412880460

So I finally signed up to one of these its called smile box and you select from a choice of about 15 different products. I have a voucher code to get the first box for 9,99€ and if anyone want to join please private message me as I also have a link which means you get DOUBLE the products for the same price, so it works out a real bargain.


borne.wilde 1412969228

What sort of products do you get in the smilebox?

heaven sent 1413284533

Its a mixture of household, personal care and food/drinks. Some of the options this time were: Chocolate for Desserts, tins of chickpea stew, whitening toothpaste, transparent face powder, dried fruit snacks, tonic water, coffee capsules, stain remover spray for laundry...

borne.wilde 1413359135

It does seem like a good deal, could you send me the links and I'll read the small print, if it all looks legit, I'll join and try it.

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