Vegetarian Restaurant in Malaga?

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heaven sent



Hi Just wondering if anyone knows of a vegetarian restaurant in Malaga? Thanks in advance for any help!


oryx 1394387105

This place is fantastic !

heaven sent 1394608666

Hi Oryx, thanks for posting, I looked on the link and the food looks spectacular. Do you know whether I'll need to make a booking?

oryx 1394700942

Probably advisable, I went with friends (I think they booked) and it seemed to be quite busy. Hope you enjoy it!

heaven sent 1394793542

OK, I'll make a reservation, thanks again for your help

custardpie-903507 1395219288

Another one you might like is

Have had their menu del dia - 9 euros - and was very impressed as was my brother who usually would turn up his nose at vegi stuff.

heaven sent 1395339911

That is a really good price, will make a note to check it out one day.

Texmex-893601 1395705522

El Piano in el centro is great! It's really just a hole in the wall deli with two tiny tables, but it is top notch! It's a small chain. One of the three is in England. Definitly worth trying out. Prices are amazing, too. 

heaven sent 1395845230

Thanks TexMex, it just goes to show with all these great restaurants ... vegetarian food isn't boring!

custardpie-903507 1395948785

I was also pleasntly surprised about how many veggi restaurants there are here... and really good interesting menus...

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