will boiling veg kill the bacteria in the water ?

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Hi AllNeed some advice as we have been told that we cannot drink the water ( in the Cartoma area)which is fair enough. But if I use the tap water to cook with and boil my vegetables does this kill off the bacteria? Will we get Spanish Tummy? surely we dont have to use the bought water for cooking as well?Any correct reply would be much appreciated as we have young children and dont want them to get sick during our holiday.Many thanks

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golfmad 1314363346

Have lived here a few yrs now and only buy water for drinking... boiling water will kill any germs.... mind you i know a 80 yr old who always drinks the water and she is super fit. hope that helps.

Bridie-853867 1314401254

Why don't you steam your veg instead. Even potatoes cook faster when steamed and then the veg doesn't come into contact with the water. More healthy as vitamins are retained better when food is steamed and more tasty too.

beckmiddleton-853127 1314440086

I personally use bottled water for everything except cooking, although if it is a recipe which requires a stock for good flavour, I use bottled water. However, the issue is more to do with the fact I don't like the taste of tap water here, and I have drunk it on occassion with no ill effects(plus I use tap water to brush my teeth every day!). If you are on holiday, I wouldn't risk drinking tap water unless it has been boiled because you don't want to risk spoiling your break.

calamares 1314532872

thank you all for your comments. I am still not sure if I have to use the bottled water for tea as well etc. basically if one boils water to a high temperature doesnt that KILL the bacteria?

beckmiddleton-853127 1314614583

This page is about survival techniques, but about half way down it says water just has to reach boiling point to kill bacteria.

ingm-855996 1315952476

yes it will, a rolling boil for a few minutes and you will be fine

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