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do the restaurants in benalmedena open on christmas eve? any suggestions would be very welcome

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We'd like to have a go at preserving our own olives. Any tips?

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Hello! We are looking for organic, free range, grain-free or grass-fed beef, rabbit or chicken. Also would like to find all natural, nothing added bacon. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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What do you guys think about panga (fish)? I saw that it is really cheap in the supermarket, but seem to remember reading something that advised not to eat it - does anyone know why?

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Does anyone know how to get the stones out of cherries without spoiling the fruit too much? I seem to remember a friend of mine having a a gadget to do this, but havent seen one for sale anywhere.

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Amazon will have a lot of unhappy customers in Europe this week after ditching us all and withdrawing the free delivery option for orders over £25.  Anyone know an alternative where I can buy Doves Farm flour for making bread and other produce?

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i am having dificulty opening various tins beans rice pudding has anyboby else had the same problem? it seems the rims have been made smaller i have bought anew opener just the same

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Hi Everyone I need some advice. I am flying into Malaga beginning of June for a friends wedding and I have been given the task of picking up wine and beer for the weekend celebrations.I need to know where is the best place to buy bottled wine and boxed wine. White, Red and Rose and which is the best wine to get Thanks

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I tried sundried apricots in Turkey recently and they are lovely.  Can I buy them anywhere near Malaga?  I know I can get normal dried apricots in the supermarket but these taste much better.

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I want to purchase a good juicer for almond, coconut and hemp milk. Can someone recommend a quality product to buy near Malaga.

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can't find slimline tonic for sale anywhere....anyone know which shops stock it?

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Just been handed a bag of organic hemp seeds. What can I do with them?

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Hi, Does anyone know of ANY place where we can get organic produce?  Im not interested in a plot of garden....just buying the produce. even better if they deliver! thanks! suzanne

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Just heard that several nestle brand pre-prepared pasta dishes have been found to contain horse dna. It really makes you think about what you are eating - best to stick to foods made at home from ingredients that you can trust I reckon.... http://noticias.terra.es/mundo/europa/nestle-halla-carne-de-caballo-en-platos-preparados-de-pasta,a6d6601a1b4ec310VgnCLD2000000dc6eb0aRCRD.html

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Any advice about replacing sugar in marmalade but keeping the distinct marmalade colour.

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I have been reading about the health benefits of chia seeds, does anyone know where to get them?

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This might sound a bit silly but! I have been given a nice piece of honey comb, I just don't know what to do with it....do I drain off the honey somehow? or maybe chew the wax and spit it out (that can't be right?! if it is I'll be eating in private lol)

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We are arrivng at Malaga on 22 December and were wondering whether anyone knows whether this place is accessible from arrivals area?  We'd like to be able to eat something relatively decent before travelling and looking at Malaga Airport website all the restaurants etc in Terminal 3 are in the departures area.  Anyone know whether you can access this when you arrive at Malaga?  thanks

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Anyone know where I can buy Thorntons chocolates for Christmas - they charge £11 for delivery from UK.

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I am making up a gift basket for a friend and want to put gourmet/speciality spanish foods in it. Has anyone got any suggestions of brands or foods to consider?

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