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where can i buy a jar of caballo de angel filling for baking? I couldnt see it in Dia, though maybe I was looking in the wrong place.

started by: pandj-856156 · last update: 1322213298 · posted: 1322142955

Hiwe are having xmas in spain , torrox and want a free range turkey , sausages and bacon. Does anyone know of a supplier ?thanks julia

started by: harepaws · last update: 1321950966 · posted: 1321551121

Has anyone ever bought a whole jamon online? if so, where from?

started by: Paws In Need-847419 · last update: 1320854151 · posted: 1320590806

As we will be flying out on 30th December, can anyone tell me whether Lidl and other supermarkets will be open on the 30th and 31st Dec? Thanks.

started by: mrorangepeel · last update: 1319186509 · posted: 1306407075

Has anyone seen peanut butter for sale anywhere, I really fancy some on toast!! crunchy sort if possible...

started by: mgordon · last update: 1317024404 · posted: 1316431442

We have a glut of persimmons which are ripe and ready to eat - has anyone got any recipe suggestions as I'm getting bored of them as they are now!

started by: calamares · last update: 1315952476 · posted: 1314357782

Hi AllNeed some advice as we have been told that we cannot drink the water ( in the Cartoma area)which is fair enough. But if I use the tap water to cook with and boil my vegetables does this kill off the bacteria? Will we get Spanish Tummy? surely we dont have to use the bought water for cooking as well?Any correct reply would be much appreciated as we have young children and dont want them to get sick during our holiday.Many thanks

started by: ladygaga-853361 · last update: 1315213188 · posted: 1314614822

I have an angelica plant in my garden, does anyone know how to preserve the stems for cake decoration later this year?

started by: harepaws · last update: 1314693899 · posted: 1313395745

We have some big sunflowers which have gone to seed - I'd like to try making "pipas" before the birds get them. Can anyone tell me how?

started by: mrorangepeel · last update: 1312028455 · posted: 1311582824

I have an excess of melons and need some creative recipes - anyone have any nicer summery suggestions?

started by: mgordon · last update: 1311073411 · posted: 1310804113

I want to make a trifle but couldn't see packets of jelly cubes in the supermarket, I asked the girl and she showed me ready made jelly in the chiller but thats not what i'm after. Any ideas???

started by: islandgirl-855499 · last update: 1310323270 · posted: 1304534384

Not sure if i am allowed to post a reccommendation for a cafe, but I visited such a lovely place in fuengirola port at the weekend i wanted to share it with other people. If you are interested in the name please let me know. A lovely couple who have only been there for a week or so, they have parrots and a terrace that is really safe for young children. They are situated one back from the actual front line of the marina but in their own little right hand corner of the main port square. As i said, i won't put their name on here in case its against the rules but they really are offering good value and freshly cooked and prepared food. Island girl.

started by: Milflores-853912 · last update: 1309870458 · posted: 1287177677

I am currently having curry phase and want to know if I can buy lemgrass anywhere. Also what is it called in Spanish? And what are cardomon seeds called?thanks!

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Can anyone tell me where there is a sushi bar/restaurant round here.

started by: macmic-855633 · last update: 1308352360 · posted: 1307984431

What is the best locally available flour for pasta making?

started by: Yorkshirelass-853910 · last update: 1304635514 · posted: 1304514920

Being a Yorkshirelass its not surprising I like my tea! The water here is so hard and I am on my third kettle already. Any hints or tips as to the best stuff to use here to descale the kettle? I can't keep getting my friends and family to bring over the descaler from sainsburys! Especially any suggestions that dont involve chemicals or corrosive substances. hoping this kettle will last a tiny bit longer.

started by: Patsy-855262 · last update: 1298879204 · posted: 1298767666

Hi Just had a brilliant meal at the "Fu Asian Chef" on Avenue Ramon Gomez de la Serna, Marbella, this evening. Great food, lots of it, lovely staff & a really good price, including the beers. Check it out

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I was given a bag of quinoa but there are no cooking instructions, can anyone help?

started by: sugarbabe-852871 · last update: 1297205579 · posted: 1297194367

Hi I am in need of two cake tins, the numbers 1 & 8, does anyone know where I can buy or hire along the coast? Thanks

started by: augustus1016 · last update: 1295981300 · posted: 1295920976

ok we are two srs coming to costa del sol torremolios to be exact for the month of feb where will I get good ol chunky peanut butter where will I find authentic local flemenco dancing not the tourist stuff where will we find authentic local acoustic guitar entertainment in the evening in torremolios dont want to rent a car so will take trips to tangiers gibraltar alhambra for sure any suggestions on economical ways to do this out of torremolios how about getting fm the sol timor hotel in torremolios to the airport as we will also be going to paris for a few days

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