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Hello - can I buy Nestle Shredded Wheat in Marbella area? Thanks - Chrissie

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What do the spanish typically eat as a dessert for their christmas meal?

started by: Celticwarrior-853936 · last update: 1291740817 · posted: 1291398793

Where to get fresh Christmas Turkey and Hams? Preferably free range but that might be asking too much!help!

started by: sneezewort · last update: 1290793074 · posted: 1289815633

Anyone spotted glace cherries for sale? I don't want the ones they sell here in syrup, the proper ones from UK please!

started by: ladygaga-853361 · last update: 1290176298 · posted: 1288778539

anyone seen these in the shops yet?

started by: messynessy · last update: 1289998906 · posted: 1289941529

Having just moved to Spain (COIN area) does anyone know of anywhere im likely to get blocks of marzipan for top of xmas cakes please? have tried Lidl, El Corte Ingles, Mercadona, Dunnes and no joy :O( Anyone seen any anywhere?

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what's a good place to go out on a friday/saturday night?

started by: Trueporteno · last update: 1288128265 · posted: 1287674460

I am wanting a shop near Malaga that sells Gluten free flours. I have already seen the range in El Corte Ingles, Carrefour and Mercandona and other big supermarkets but I want a small shop that carried a wider range.

started by: madeleine-854598 · last update: 1286892717 · posted: 1285336729

Is it possible to buy Cornish Pasties in the area? Frozen or freshly baked. Thank you for letting me know.

started by: ladygaga-853361 · last update: 1286892348 · posted: 1286543359

My other half bought some ribs from the supermarket but I have never cooked them before- has anyone got a recipe?

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Hi I am new to this forum and am currently living in Cyprus. We are looking to relocate to Spain as we find Cyprus is just too far away from family and friends in the UK and has also become very very expensive! The only thing that is good here is that a lot of UK shops have opened up selling all branded UK foods, Ross, Birdseye, Heinz etc at really good prices, bit like being at home! Just wondering what the cost of living is like out there in Spain??? Is quality English foods expensive? I know I should live as the Cypriots/Spanish do but I never left UK because of the food-it was the PC rubbish that goes on and all the other politcal stuff! Anyway hope i can gain some good feedback from you all. Thanks x

started by: hustlersambition · last update: 1284542039 · posted: 1284298045

Just wondering whether most people here drink the tap water, if they buy bottled or if they get one of those filter things?

started by: sneezewort · last update: 1284119124 · posted: 1283778899

What are chipirones? Have seen them advertised on the menu in our local tapas bar but before I order them would like to know what to expect!

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Can anyone tell me what type of fish Panga is? I cannot find a translation in my dictionary. it looks ok but I like to know what i am eating!

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Where can I buy Yorkshire Tea at a reasonable price in Malaga or Inland Axarquia? I am running out of provisions and can't wait until my next visit from family who keeep me supplied from the UK!

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As the title really- what do i need to look for in the supermakret. Is it levadura?

started by: sneezewort · last update: 1281177736 · posted: 1279529499

Got a glut of melons to use up, recipe suggestions please!

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Can anyone tell me where I can hire a beer cooling unit in the Mijas Costa area Tom

started by: beckmiddleton-853127 · last update: 1279278309 · posted: 1278543684

doing a spanish theme picnic for visiting friends, what are the most important dishes to include(will have cooking facilties available in form of bbq)

started by: Milflores-853912 · last update: 1279029728 · posted: 1278846784

Can anyone tell me where I can buy Ciabbata flour - I cannot continue getting friends to buy it in Sainsburys and bring it over!Also anyone got any advice on whether I can buy rice flour or other non gluten flours for baking?

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