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Does anyone out there know of a food and drink supplier in or near La Linea ( opposite Gibraltar ) ?

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Can anybody tell me where you can purchase a range of vegetarian food?

started by: harepaws · last update: 1275404350 · posted: 1275404350

Can anyone suggest a book or website about foraging/gathering food in Spain? Many thanks-hp

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Can anyone give me a good recipe for calamares ala romana?

started by: Francesco Pedace-853696 · last update: 1269317216 · posted: 1269317216

I live in UK at present, and I am seriously considering moving to Costa Blanca, my aim is to marketing high quality Italian products in Spain, and I am doing marketing research on the subject, what I am looking for is some feedback on specific products that could be of interest to the Spanish market, I would welcome your comments. Kind regards Francesco

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Hi. Jodi and Tony would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped, become a customer or offered feedback for all of your help and support during our first week of opening. We opened the doors to gofresh ( formerly Sandi, on Calle de Torremolinos, La Cala) on Monday morning. We had no idea what to expect customer wise and just hoped that people would come. As the week has passed, more and more peolpe have become customers and most are now referred to as our regulars. The feedback has need fantastic and the mere fact that you are returning has made us happier than we ever expected to be. Thank you all again for popping in, even if it was just for a take away coffee and a chat. We look forward to seeing you all again. Kind regards, Jodi and Tony

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I've been given an octopus for a Spanish friend- does anyone have any ideas for a recipe?

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Anyone know where I can buy some tins for yorkshire puds? I haven't seen them for sale in the supermarket....

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I will shortly be holidaying in Benalmadena for 3 months, and would like to know if golden syrup and black treacle are available to buy, as I want to make gingerbread whilst on holiday

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Thinking of making Christmas easy and going to a restaurant for the big meal- can anyone recommend where might be good?

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I just bought a new slow cooker and am looking for some new recipes- using local in season ingredients. Anyone got any they'd like to share?

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Does anyone know the recipe for the spanish dish pelotas?

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Does anyone know the name of the Indian restaurant at Cabopino? Is it still there? We went there a few years ago & had a great time & lovely food..want to go back when we are next over in Spain. Cheers Joanie & John

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Anyone know if Rumours bar is still in business on the Montemar and is Ian and Elaine still the owners, And what about The Shandon Bells next to the Bailey bar over from the Timor Sol is it still going strong?

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My niece has various foods she cannot eat including pork, chicken, milk products (except soy) and cornstarch and dextrose. Where can I buy products without these things are what sort of things can anyone recommend to give her to eat?

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anywhere near Mijas that sells this please thanks

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Rather than just use the old faithfuls like sandwiches and sausage rolls I'd like some easy but tasty ideas for 'food on the go', so far I have only come up with tortilla or salads so a bit of inspiration would be handy!

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can someone give me the recipe for this lovely after meal drink please

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I don't like white wine but would like a recommendation for a long, slightly alcoholic drink for the summer?

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Hi there, I wonder if anyone can recommend a nice restaurant for my 15 year wedding anniversary? We are in El Faro so want to stay localish so we can both have a drink so Marbella is realy a bit too far. I don't eat Italian, Thai, Indian. Ideally looking for somewhere a bit special. Any suggestions?? Natalie

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