Arroyo de la Miel

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Hallo What are shopping & transpirt faviltues  facilities like In Arroyo de ka Miel please?   Thanks for any feedback.    


Southspain 1433928986

Hi Rapho

Arroyo is pretty close to the train that goes to Malaga and is also on the main bus route.

rapho-660717 1433930279

Oh excellent news. Many thanks. Does train stop anywhere near closest Marks &:Soencer which I THINK is in Marbella?

Southspain 1433941887

Train only goes between Malaga and Fuengirola and does not go further than that towards Marbella.

rapho-660717 1433941968

Ah. OK. Thanks

rapho-660717 1433942198

So how would I get to Marbella please starting from Arroyo?

1kerbut1-444958 1433946266

Bus, we rented in Arroyo in Jan and Feb this year and found the shopping very good with 2 Mercadona,s , plenty of shops . Its quite steep up to the station ,so what we did was drive to Plaza Mayor and park there and catch the train from there.

rapho-660717 1433947472

That's good with Mercadonna being strongly present.

I get around on foot so better having to walk uphill on deoarture since no doubt shall be laden on return.

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