Brexit Concerns - let me take them to the Focus Group

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As a permanent resident in Spain, you may have some real concerns about Brexit and how it will affect your future.I am fortunate enough to have been invited to attend a Focus Group that is being run by the British Consulate in Malaga on the 24th February this year to talk about concerns and issues being raised by the Expat community.This is your opportunity to be heard, so please list on this post, what your issues and concerns are and I will raise them at the Focus Group on your behalf.Thank you for your participation - this is your way to be heard.Bruce Mackenzie - Angloinfo Costa del Sol

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With data roaming charges within the European Union due to be abolished from 15 June 2017, how does the government propose to ensure that those charges are not re-introduced once Britain leaves the European Union, and will it guarantee reciprocal arrangements for EU citizens using their mobile phone in Britain in order to achieve that?

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What will be the future migration status of EU citizens applying to study at British universities, and will this differ from the status of individuals from elsewhere in the world applying to come to the UK as students?

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