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Hello, Real novice here, so could some kind soul tell me how to buy a house? Do we need a bank account set up in Spain? And how long does the whole process take? Are there rules like there are in France where the land gets offered to farmers first? Do you get a date when you sign? We're at the early stages of thinking of buying so any help advice is welcome. Thanks!


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Hi Laracroft. Buying a property is pretty complex ( I think) as we are about to embark on this journey. From what I know, use a lawyer as it may save you some surprises down the line. We were chatting to an agent the other day who told us some horror stories. It's not all bad, actually there are plenty of bargains around. Best thing is to look at the information on Angloinfo.

I hope this helps.

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I have bought two propertys in Spain over the years .On both no problems.

The two things you need , a good English speaking selling agent  and solictor.

remember a selling agent in Spain can show any property like in the US, so get one you like and see how it goes.

They will do everthing for you for one rearon you are paying them.

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Hello there.  We have purchased a couple of houses in Spain over the years and as others here have pointed out - get yourself a lawyer who speaks really good english.  We actually paid about 60 euros to give the lawyer power of attorney (it's a simple process of going with him to Notary for signing over power) and it was the best thing for us.  He just got on with it and kept us informed of progress (which in Spain is very quick usually), the next thing we know the properties have become ours!  Good luck!

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Hi there.  Ive read some great books on the subject.  On Amason search 'buying property in Spain' or 'buy Spanish property' - something along those lines - and then take your pick.  Most are written by lawyers or relocation experts.


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