Moving to Malaga.

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Hi, I'm Ciaran, I'm 26 and originally from Scotland. I have been living in France for the last two years and I'm looking to move on in a few months, I have a friend who is now based in Malaga and I am thinking after having been before if I can find work then I would like to move.  I have previously worked in sales, administration and human resources industry, I have also done some bar work in the past too. I have played music in cover and professional bands for the last 10 years, I would be also be interested in playing in cover bands in and around Malaga too. I also have experience in dog walking and have looked after kids after school in the past and helped them with learning English too. If aby one has any information or advice they can give then that would be greatly appreciated. I speak very basic Spanish and I'm looking to learn and progress as soon as possible. Thank you,  Ciaran


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