plasterer moving to spain in 6 months

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luke dixon



hi i am moving to costa del sol in 6 months , we are currently living and working in france but we are young and finding life a bit too boring here.  we have a 2 year old daughter and 3 dogs , we will be looking for somewhere to rent long term preferably with a pool and some land for the dogs and 2-3 beds minnimum . if anyone knows of any private rentals please get in touch , i can provide references for long term rent here in france . im also a plasterer so will be looking for work , is there a high demand for plasterers in spain like there is here in france? also where would be the best place to start advertising for work?  thanks


Livingfree 1430685025

Hi Luke. I found this website pretty good when looking for rentals:

I am not sure on demand for plasterers, but there is a very big English community here and I am sure that once you are here you will be able to network more and find work. Look at the SUR in English and the Euroweekly news to advertise. Also try here on Angloinfo by doing a classified in wanted.

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hi thanks for the reply , ive been looking on that website and it seems to be the best one for rentals and has some very nice places. ill take a look at the other sites you have given me and maybe put an advert on for work and see what happens. thanks again .

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