Winter break 2015

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HI all,  I have hired a place in Canillas de Aceituno from November to end of February 2016. I have booked a ferry to Santander and will drive down. I have also booked a flight back to the UK at Xmas.  I am looking forward to my break and welcome any thought ( especially car insurance and health cover )  Also anything else that I should know.    Thanks.   Paul 


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We have a place in Sedella the next village on ,your French / English car insurance should be ok if you tell you insurer the amount of time you are going to be away , your EU health card works the same as it does in France or in UK if you are in the French system . I read today that a company are looking to buy out  LD lines route from St Nazaire to Gijon so that may well  start running again soon. Dont blame you for getting away from Brittany in the winter ,the fog starts in November and lifts in April.

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Just another thought ,if your car is insured in France you have no problem with your length of stay as French insurance is 365 day Green Card, as in France you are required to carry your insurance ,control tecnic and cart grise with you in the car.

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I think I may have caused some confusion

I posted on the Brittany forum in error.

I am not in France.

My car insurer is saying that if I plan to stay more than 90 days then I  won't be covered so either I need to plan 90 days and then insure for the extra month independently or change to a company that covers for longer. I am aware that LV will cover for 120 days but the are more than double the cost I pay now.



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