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Hi......Newby here.I am looking for someone who travels, or will be travelling from the Malaga area to Jerez, Sevilla, or Murcia in the near future. And I would be asking a big favour of them.I have installed an Ikea kitchen in my home and returned to the Malaga store to discover the 2 pieces I need to complete it are out of stock, and that particular range is now discontinued.However, these pieces are still available in other Ikea stores, but they do not, and will not transfer them from any of them to Malaga.The two items are 30euros each, so it would mean a minimum 4hr round trip to spend 60euros, a daunting prospect.So, if anybody is willing to make an acceptible diversion to one of these other stores whilst on their travels, they would make me a very happy man. Naturally, I would be willing to offer a donation towards the cost of the journey.Hopefully,Griff

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I live in San Pedro de Alcantara and have put my name down for beginner Spanish lessons to start in January - 3 hours a week. In order to start one more person is needed to full the group which is 4 people. If you want more details please let me know.

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Good Morning,My name is Hannah Smith and I am an officer from the National Crime Agency.  You may have recently seen coverage in the Spanish press or on social media of the launch of our latest campaign, aiming to locate fugitives who have fled the UK and could be possibly settled within Spain.We are hoping to gain support from your communities, in sharing our messages and images on your social media accounts, or if you have any information then please share this with Crimestoppers.  This can be done anonymously if necessary.Op Capture campaign - this is the link to the website with the details and we have information on our NCA_UK twitter account or Facebook pages.If you could please share and help us to find these fugitives, it would be greatly appreciated.Thank you

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Just bought an apartment on costa del sol and opened a spanish bank account for mortgage etc. though still living in france till house sold.Not able to come to spain till autumn and our spanish is still fairly basic, so having problems understanding bank statements arriving by post.(both the headings and the figures). Bank's policy is not to send translations and my dictionary/internet translations are limited re. the terminology. Don't even know if we are getting an ongoing balance figure (saldo?). Could anyone help us decipher these headings if I email a list.?

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Hi, I am looking for expats who would be willing to talk to me for my new book. You would be kept anonymous and I would like to hear your story, how you got to live in France and how you coped, what you did, any regrets etc. I can talk to you on Skype or email or, if you are up for it, I can send you some questions. I would like to get as many varied stories as I can, both positive and negative. Thankyou and I look forward to hearing from you.

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We have had many enquiries since the Brexit referendum about how to get Spanish citizenship so we thought we'd point out our recently updated How To on just that topic: https://angloinfo.com/costa-del-sol/how-to/page/costa-del-sol-moving-residency-spanish-citizenshipThanks,MadgeAngloinfo Community Manager

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We live in Brittany, France but are looking for a place to stay in Spain for about 3 - 4 weeks in January. Ideally we would like a serviced apartment or a Half-Board hotel. We're not looking for 5* but we do want nice quality in a nice location close to the sea. We are considering either the Costa Calida or Costa Del Sol regions. Can anyone advise of the best place to find what we are looking for? Thanks.

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Although my wife and I applied to vote in the referendum neither of us received our voting papers from the council in England.  It seems this happened to quite a few and we would like to hear what other expats have to say.

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Hi Everyone!So, me and my partner (and the dog!) are thinking about relocating to Spain, possibly in the near future. My partner is completely in love with the country and really wants to go however im thinking about it more practically! Just a few quick questions if anyone has any ideas!- We have a very large, long haired dog, thats really built for the snowy weather but isnt much of a swimmer! The house we would get would obviously have aircon but how do you think he would get on? - My partner would be able to get work pretty easily however i would be dog grooming, is there a need for this over there?- Whats  it like renting a property there? Do many properties allow pets?- Lastly, is the land really as dodgy as people say? Iv heard horror stories about people building houses on land that isn't theirs and end up being knocked down etc? Thank You! 

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Hi there,Pi Productions, a TV company run by John Silver (who created Grand Designs and reinvented MasterChef) is casting for a brand new documentary series for Channel 5 that follows people as they relocate for a major lifestyle and career change.We are looking for families or couples who are planning to ditch, or have just ditched, the 9 to 5 to pursue a career in something they are passionate about. You could be moving to Malaga to start a cafe or setting up yourvery own bar/pub in Marbella. Whatever it is, we want to showcase the amazing lifestyle business opportunities out there and show what it takes to make a new business a success.We are keen to feature positive and aspirational stories. This is a brilliant opportunity to feature yourself and your new venture on a prime time documentary, and inspire other people in the process.  We are looking for people who areembarking on their journey this summer.If this sounds like you, or if you would like to recommend someone you know, then we’d love to hear from you.You can email the casting team on casting@piproductions.tv. There is no pressure to take part at the initial enquiry stage.Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to hearing from you!

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We are a mature couple living in Pitou Charente looking for a winter let in Torrox Costa, want to be near everything in walking distance not keep getting in the car! 1 bedroom only, wifi is a must for us. Thanks in advance for all replies.

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Hi all. Our son is considering playing/practising golf at Desert Springs through this coming autumn and winter. So, we need to rent an apartment, preferably near to Desert Springs but in a nice coastal resort (so that we can enjoy a holiday there too). We will visit sometime to look at the area but in the meantime has anybody got any strong recommendations for resorts both to consider and avoid! Thanks.Michele xx

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a warning for all in the Sabinillas, Duquesa, Sotogrande area, there is a so called estate agent operating from Property Angels called SALL DONAS.  I rented through her, gave her 300 Euros to pay electric water bills in my abspence, she did not pay any despite telling me she had. She refuses to give me my money back and will not answer my e mails or calls. I would hate to see anyone else conned by har, she is a CHEAT and a THIEF. DO NOT TRUST HER

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does anyone know of any help that can be given in this part of spain for such a person? i'm in england and my brother says he is sleeping rough and needs help.  does anyone know where he can go for help? thanks in advance

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Can anyone recommend a seamstress or tailor who can do some minor alterations to curtains?

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Good Business ethics will set you apart. An interesting read. Click this link.http://blogs.angloinfo.com/costa-del-sol-in-english/2016/04/01/basic-business-etiquette-mastering-good-business-ethics-will-set-you-apart/

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 After the long wait I see that you have launched your new site. Will take some time to get used to but  it looks good. Some small errors need attending to but I am sure that you are dealing with them.

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People make changes , thinking it is progress ! The  new format will alienate most of the people ( 90 percent!) Kind regards, Leo

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At the moment we are in The Marbella area and we would like to look at other options for next winter. We come around the 1oth Dec until the 10th March and know the area well. We are looking for something within 30 mins walk from Marbella harbour preferably on the sea side of the main road. If anyone knows of anyone who has accomodation tht they would be willing to rent and we would love to have a look at it. We go home on the 11th March.  

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Hi there, I am searching for Bob Fisher who apparently moved to the Costa Del Sol a number of years ago, I believe his wife is called Mavis. Bob is an ex serviceman who was in the army, REME. They are originaly from Barnsley, Yorkshire. We were on an enginering course course between 1975 and 1977 at Bordon in Hampshire.We are trying to organise a reunion for those who were on the course, so far we have located 10 of the 12 course members. If anyone knows Bob and Mavis or of their whereabouts I would be gratefull if they could be informed of my search. I can be reached by email at  saxbyr@msn.com. Thanks in hopeful anticipation. Roiy

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