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We are in the Marbella area and would like to know if there is anywhere that sells Chapatti flour Julie

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Hi All   can anyone give me any info on model flying clubs in the Marbella area? thanks   steve

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I am looking for a spanish course for in the evenings. Does anyone know a cheap place to do that? Or maybe a good free online course? Im living in the centre of Malaga.   

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Hello everyone! My family is coming over for holidays and they are looking for a nice apartment in the center of Malaga, for 4 persons 5 nights around the €400. Anyone some recommendations?

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Hola, I was thinking of selling a few bits and bobs at the Wednesday flea market  at Paloma park , does  anyone know how much it is, time to arrive etc and do they supply the table ?   any other info or your experience of standing there would be  of interest, Gracias  John

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Police are concerned of the whereabouts of a missing man from Wigan. 48-year-old David Owens from Pemberton travelled to Spain in November 2015 with his friend and stayed at a number of different hotels in Malaga and Madrid. While out there, David had his money stolen and his friend travelled back to England so he could transfer money to his account for a flight home. He is described as being white, 5ft 8in tall and of heavy build. Turquoise T-shirt, Light Grey Tracksuit Bottoms, Brown Adidas Trainers Detective Inspector Martin Reddington said: “There has been no contact with David since the 13 November and understandable his friends are family are extremely worried. “His friend transferred the money however there has been no contact since. David cannot be contacted and he has little cash and no friends and family living in Spain. David has learning difficulties and could be considered vulnerable so I would ask anyone who may have recently been on holiday in the area and recognise him to call us.” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If any information is provided then the contact number is Greater Manchester Police 01618725050 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 55 111.  

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Hi can anybody tell me if the company named , www.moteurope.eu/‎   in Spain is a legal company. As I want to get an mot done with them. Thanks.

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Hi  I'm looking for a place to escape the UK winter. Costa del Sol, or anywhere warm & dry.  Beside a beach and / or Marina would be ideal. From mid December until early March '16. Gent, non-smoker, 60's    on a MotorCycle Many Thanks

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Hi I am scraping my van. Can anyone advise me on which Scrapyard I would get a good deal with in Ayamonte Huelva. I should point out that there is nothing wrong with my Van, its just that the DOE/mot is up, and the cost of getting it back to Ireland just isn't worth it. So its all good parts and a great Engine. Thanks.

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Hi we are a family of four currently living in calpe and are thinking of moving to nerja around feb next year, anybody have advice on supermarkets, shopping centres etc also if there is any social group that does acting or anything like that as my son belongs,to footlights and would love to carry it on elsewhere, love to hear from anybody also about renting and job opportunities, thanks,guys for reading this,and hope to get some positive reply s

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I am looking to move to estepona what and how do I sort housing and is there any jobs available. 

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can anyone tell me if the European card is accepted in spain, I have heard that in some cases the hospitals will not accept them and if you have an emergency and have to be taken to hospital via ambulance then they often take you to the private hospitals, where you are not covered on the European card. can anyone help with this enquiry?

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Hi Guys, I am looking to move to Marbella in January to start my career in Financial Advisory.  I will be dealing mainly with the Expat community and realise that I will indeed be one myself.  Now I understand that I will not/have not been the only advisor there and just wondered what the community liked and didnt like.  It's not just me but my fiancee and three fantastic kids I have to plan for so I want to get it right.    I really appreciate you time and any advice you may have.   Kind Regards James

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Hi We are looking for a winter let near Malaga from the end of November. We want a small coastal apartment and are looking along the stretch that runs from Nerja along towards Marbella. We do not know the area so are open to suggestions but we definitely want to be in a nice, fairly lively place and within walking distance to shops and the beach. Requirements are: MUST be within walking distance to beach and shops. One bedroom, small apartment is fine as only for two non smokers. Nice area We would prefer to look at some properties once we are down in the area but wondered whether you have any suggestions as to which agents to use,  or are there so many estate agents offering winter lets that it would be easy for us to simply arrive and go into a few and ask what properties are available? We do not know Malaga area and don't really want to book somewhere online. I have looked online and the amount of agents is vast. Apartments seem to be offered from 250-400 euros per month for a winter let and we would not be looking to pay more than this. If you have any suggestions, helpful tips or agent recommendations please let me know. Or if you have a small apartment available for a winter let please feel free to email me directly with a few details of the area and price per month from end of November. Please bear in mind that we want somewhere within walking distance to the sea and shops in the Malaga area, we do not want somewhere rural. Thankyou in advance      

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Hi. Can anyone give me information about Endesa. We have an apartment near to Vinuela, Velez Malaga, and are just about to have new meters fitted after receiving 'builders electricity' supplied by Endesa. At the moment we only use our apartment for about 2 - 3 weeks per year. The rest of the time it is empty. Once the meters are fitted do we have to pay a standing charge? What other costs are involved? Is it possible to switch off the meters while the apartment is unoccupied and then switch them on when visiting? There is not a lot of information that is clear, like here in the UK. Maybe its because the companies do not want us to know so they can manipulate things to their advantage ??? Can anyone fill in the enormous gaps of information to help us make in formed decisions on what the best course of action is? We would be very grateful.   Thanks a lot Rob

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Hi to all.....After a lovely family holiday in torremolinos myself and my wife had a chat with a owner of a restaurant and he awakend our dreams of living and working abroad. I am a painter & decorator and not one of those that paints his grans flat, I am a master painter and decorator and work for a well known company in the uk and as such I am edept in all aspects of my trade and am very professional in my work. My wife is a hairdresser and i must say she is passionate about hair and i am not easily impressed with hair dressers but she is in a class of her own...she has her own salon over here and is a degree qualified teacher of her trade also.. can any body give us some pointers or assistance in coming over and working and living as we are determined to make this happen.....thank you..

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Hi Everyone I am looking for a Gistor who worked from home in the Calahonda Costa Adeje area, we used him in 2004 to do the traspaso on our car, but we cant remember his name or the address as we only went there once... He was South American origin and spoke excellent English,,  Please if anyone can help us we would be very appreciated, as its vital we contact him

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Hi Does anyone know of any courses (apart from the ones at the Cultural Institue which I already go to) in San Pedro please? Many thanks Ros

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My friend had been living in Spain for many years, most recently working as a deputy head teacher at the Laude school in Malaga.  He has fallen on very hard times, losing his job and apartment, due to having to spend time in hospital because of a mental illness.  He is now living on the streets of Malaga.  His family and I are trying to find him so that we can bring him back to UK, to give him the care he needs.  He has just sent an email to his ex- wife saying that he is staying in a "welcome centre" in Malaga but only for the weekend...he'll be back on the streets on Monday.  He sounds very desperate. Can anybody tell me of any organisations/ homeless shelters that they know in Malaga. We are in contact with the British Consulate and Interpol but nothing has come to light through them. Please help if you can. 

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Hi - just moving down to that part of the world and wonder what is the best mobile pay as you go card out there. Just need calling plan local and International and mobile internet. Thanks for your help. 

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