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Wow what a storm we had last night. My guttering is all off and everything else is in the pool lol chairs, tables, toys jobby lot anyone else had problems

started by: susan-846606 · last update: 1169840447 · posted: 1168877765

I just learnt that you can buy argos and have it shipped to Spain!! You order on line using same codes and it is shipped to either Cadiz or Gibraltor. You pay 20% on top of what the item costs and when arrives have the choice to collect or arrange shipping direct to your door!!! sue

started by: flyingfid · last update: 1169748968 · posted: 1168039004

I am coming out to the area in march what airlines fly into Malaga from U.K

started by: jo-846628 · last update: 1169672445 · posted: 1169629348

Watching TV this morning made me realise why I moved out of the UK!!! Snow. Isnt it lovely to get the option whether to go to Sierra Nevada for the snow or stay near the coast. MAybe not sun bathing weather and a little nippy but not minus two!!!!

started by: Bretontyke-846632 · last update: 1169667331 · posted: 1164613012

Hi all. To try and get to know each other, Where abouts do you live and how long have you all been living here? Respect

started by: paul-846676 · last update: 1169557728 · posted: 1169483088

Grape vine news!!!! Cornish Pride opening on the 30th Jan at 9am in Calypso and they are offering three days of free tasting..... yum yum!!!!!

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I had a power cut last night! what a nightmare. Luckily I have a good landlord who came round and found out what the problem was, all the villas round me were lit up!!! Turns out that just because everyone around you is lit up doesnt mean you are on the same link to the mains!!! I was told it would be twenty minutes before I would have power. Two hours later it was still not on and I fell asleep please to say it is back on now. f

started by: sandie-846602 · last update: 1169466322 · posted: 1164469334

It is so nice to live out here but you cant beat a few home comforts like baked beans and cadburys chocolate!! I got o the shop in Alhaurin el Grande as I have found it cheaper than the coastal English shops and Helen is lovely and welcoming.sandie

started by: sam-846730 · last update: 1169462308 · posted: 1169327818

Is there a shop anywhere on the Costa del Sol that sells this stuff? I cant find them anywhere.

started by: justdoit-846717 · last update: 1169297031 · posted: 1168800974

I want to move to Andalucia (I try Valencia, but any other bigger city can be as well). I don't speak Spanish still yet. I want to make a carrier in beauty business. I heard, that there are some one or two years hairdressing and beauty school which offer courses in English. I know , that some of them provide also job opportunity after just few months of experience. Can anybody help me with choosing the best one, recognized on International market for reasonable price? I also need to find a job (in English) to support myself. Can anybody give me some ideas, how can I get a job and what kind? Maybe somebody is looking for help in house or business? Thank you for any help!

started by: Jasmine-846623 · last update: 1169284817 · posted: 1169208691

does anybody know of a supermarket that is open on a sunday, or one that is open 24/7 like in England? i have heard that opencore is open sunday morning, but i don't know where one is near torremolinos and have heard that it is quite expensive.Jaz

started by: Jasmine-846623 · last update: 1169284564 · posted: 1169208846

where can i buy cheap, named sports clothes?Jaz

started by: Lucy-846728 · last update: 1169284435 · posted: 1169214058

where can I buy computer parts and get that same company to build the computer for me? I need it to be a responsible and reliable company can anybody help?Lu

started by: Lucy-846728 · last update: 1169211856 · posted: 1169211856

can you buy seedless fresh grapes here? and where can I buy cucumber???Lu

started by: Issac-846624 · last update: 1169208575 · posted: 1169207930

does anybody know how long it takes to send and recive post from spain to England?? Izzy

started by: jo-846628 · last update: 1169206436 · posted: 1169106496

Watching the weather report this morning. Gails, rain and snow. Why do people want to move back there? 70 degrees here yesterday!!

started by: Stephanie-846626 · last update: 1168946614 · posted: 1168123336

i have got really bad headache and sore throat can anyone recommend some medication please? otherwise what do i have to do to get a doctor? Stef

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We are currently living in Barcelona and looking to move down to the Costa del Sol..but where and where do you start... My husband is Spanish and wants somewhere that he feels he is still in Spain and has Spaniards to socialise with as does my youngest who speaks Spanish...Me and my eldest muddle though in Spanish but need a good British infrastructure in spitting distance..to get a social like up and running asap. Therefore we dont want an English Ghetto but want my eldest to have some English mates or i think he´ll combust !!! Schooling is imperative so there needs to be a super local primary school for them to attend with other foreign kids... and i would like a pretty place ...can anyone help me ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Had satellite fitted other week guy was brilliant can recommend!! Reece based in DonaLola!

started by: sidney-846601 · last update: 1168264923 · posted: 1168210462

Blas Infante culture centre in Coin is offering a weeks taster course in how to speak English, French, Spanish, dancing, handicrafts, dress making, drawing, painting and yoga. 10-25 January. What a good idea, thought I would let everyone know. 952 453 377 for more details. More details are on the whats on guide on this site!!!! sid

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