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I am staying in benalmadena next week and would like to use the buses, last year i got on one to fuengirola it had a ramp. But it seems some buses have and some haven't. I would like to go to mijas and down the coast to marbella too.  Can anybody give me any help how I can find more info please. Thank you

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Can anyone advise where to buy a second hand farm buggy? Thanks

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Hi, Can anybody give me the pros and cons of living in La Linea Spain and working in Gibralter as my son with young family has been offered a job in Gib. Interested in housing, taxation situation, travel to/from, schools etc  and any other usefull info. Thanks in advance Davey

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How much do people pay a translator to accompany them to doctor appointments?

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I will be relocating to the Costa del Sol at the end of March and will need internet at home with a WIFI router. Can anyone recommend an ISP and a package to take. I want a speed of about 5mb/s and no less than 25GB per month (or unlimited). At this stage I am just looking for internet and not the local TV channels. It is all so confusing! Thanks for your help.

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We are pleased to announce that you can now find the weekly listings of what English movies are showing each week at the various Cinemas that show Original Version movies. Try it out for yourself: http://costadelsol.angloinfo.com/whatson/select/3-15-0/entertainment/film/in-the-costa-del-sol/from-today Our What's On section is now live and we look forward to you adding your events onto it. Please don't forget to follow us on Facebook or Twitter where we will keep you up to date with more information and news.

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Have you seen that our What's on is now active. http://costadelsol.angloinfo.com/whatson If you belong to an organisation that is having an event that you may think is of interest to our community, then please feel free to add the details by clicking on the tab provided.

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We are activily building our Facebook community and will use it as a forum to post newsworthy information that is relevant to your expat life in the Costa del Sol. Please follow this link and like us: https://www.facebook.com/AngloINFO.Costadelsol?ref=hl Many thanks.

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I am in the retirement industry and have the oportunity to take on and also wanting to operate one or more English run sheltered accommodation/care homes in the Costa Blanca area should there be enough call for such accommodation. I am looking for feed back so here is your chance to comment. The places available will have apartments for dependent persons and rooms for dependant persons at resonable prices and affordable either rental or life lease.

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Olive.net are installing fibre optic lines in our urbanisacion and we are trying to find out if reception for TV and internet generally is better theough fibre optic lines than through a telephone company.  Currently we are using a Movistar router box combined with filmontv network for British TV stations but they exclude BBC and ITV.  In addition to this restriction we find that BBC News in particular tneds to freeze many times a night which is most annoying. If you have Olive.Net could you please advise me if the receeption you get for TV and Internet is better than we are experiencing in Nueva Andalucia. Any comments you may have would be so helpful so mamny thanks in advance, John

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i am looking for a good dentist around the Malaga area..  Thanks in advance.

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AngloINFO Costa del Sol will be going through a lot of exciting changes over the next few months with the aim of bringing to our valued user, an even better experience. You should start to notice some differences very soon with some really exciting changes to your AngloINFO community. In order to asssist us, should you come across a directory listing or any information in the information guide that is out of date with broken webpage links or non existent telephone contacts, then please feel free to bring it to my attention so that I can rectify or remove it. We will be recruiting sales staff, both part and full time. Details can be found here: http://costadelsol.angloinfo.com/classifieds/viewfeatured/561922/freelance-sales-executives We are also in the process of getting the what's on guide live, operational and up to date soon, so please feel free to send me information on events from the organisations that you belong to that you wish to have published. We will gladly do so. Here's to wishing you a good 2015 and trust that you will enjoy interacting with us more in the year ahead. Best Wishes Bruce Mackenzie  

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hi we live in sw france and are looking to move to spain in a year or two - would appreciate any emailed help in pro's and con's and general things to research prior to finalising everything here we are looking to move to somewhere we could walk to facilities ie., english,  spanish, other cafe's bars/restaurants and good shopping , but be out of the summer tourist 'crowd' when necessary - good health and hospital facilities any constructive suggestions appreciated - would really like retired people to answer thank you in advance

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Hi guys I don't know if anyone can help, but we moved back to the UK temporarily last year and put our posessions in storage with Fastcat Sl in Coin, we were informed they changed owners around September and the new owners were MJ LEVI COSTA DEL SOL 2014 SL trading as Costa Self Store.  We haven't had contact with them now since December and we are getting very worried. Our posessions are located at Calle isaac Newton in Coin, but I can't even find this on google maps. I have managed to locate an ex employee of fastcat and he is trying to get hold of the owner of the units to see what the story is, but my wife is panicking as although there is nothing of value apart from a nice TV in storage  it has all our childrens photos and drawings and my dads (who passed away) keepsakes. Any help or ideas would be of great help, we are just at a loss as to what to do next, and we don't know anyone in that area since my dad passed away. Thanks guys Rich

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Does anyone have a copy of Viento en Popo, the upper intermediate OU course that they would like to sell? Or if you don't want to sell the books, could you make me a copy of the DVD Rom [I can buy the books from Amazon but they don't sell the DVD Rom]. I could also make a copy and return it if someone would be so kind as to lend it to me. Thanks, Sally

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Hi, I want to send parcels regularly from Spain to USA and northern Europe between 1-25kg. Is there a cheaper service than Correos? I have checked out DHL and UPS and both were more expensive. Thanks Phoebe

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We are on holiday here and wonder why the underground car park by the railway station is closed, anyone out there know!  Thanks. 

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There is a small stream that I walk by quite often, and today I noticed a few dead fish in the water. I think there might have been some sort of chemical that had poisoned them. Who should I report it to?

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Hi all, the sale of our property is now progressing well and we will soon be needing a long term rental in the Costa del Sol area. Our preferrence would be around the Mijas area but, as long as it has good transport connections and close to all amenities would consider other locations. In general we are looking for 3 beds, 2 baths, plenty of outdoor space. Must have a generous underbuild for storage and using woodworing tools. Dog friendly Semi detached villa or town house and a good blend of all nationalities. If anyone assist please get in touch any help at all would be gratefully appreciated. Happy to pay the ging rate for long term rentals ut not willing to entertain tourist type rates.We are hoping to stay for years not months. Many thanks Bob and AM

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Hi, we are a family of 4 living in rural France (near to Andorra) and are thining of booking an apartment in or around Estepona for either Christmas or New Year.  I wondered if anyone could give me any pointers.  What would it be like? Is the area generally reasonably busy?  Would there be anywhere nearby that we could have Christmas lunch?  What is the weather normally like at that time of the year?  Hope you can help :-)  thanks 

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