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Hello All, Many people may not be aware of the terrible fate of some of Spain's hunting dogs.  They may be killed heartlessly at the end of the hunting season, sometimes by the slow and agonising method of 'piano-playing' - the dog is hanged by the neck but can just reach the ground.  The piano-playing refers to the click of its toes on the ground as it desperately scrabbles around until it tires and succumbs.  This can take a long time.  Other dogs are insufficiently fed, kennelled and exercised. A Spaniard has started a petition to present to the Spanish government to bring about some long overdue legislation to protect these animals.  Please sign the petition and pass it on to all your friends, Spanish and English, so that the total of 500,000 required signatures can be reached (see link below, you may need to copy and paste into your browser). http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/293/313/901/ Thank you so much.

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Does any one have any experience / recommendations for mains water filters to avoid having to buy bottled water ? 

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Hi, do you have a space you are doing nothing with and want to let me use? I could exchange teaching some of my creaative skills in return, or pay a small rent. The space needs to be dry, have natural light, electricity and water and be located somewhere within easy reach of Manilva/ or West side of Estepona. I am a glass artist so would want to use my small kiln, also I am painter, photographer and jewellery maker.

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we are thinking of doing a long winter let and wondered generally what the winter weather is like, is it very windy or wet and damp

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Having some lovely weather - hope everyone is getting outdoors and enjoying it, We have been in our garden all day today.

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Hi all, I'm still looking for a reliable method to receive packages in a timely manner. I noticed an advert here for something called Spain Box. Any experience with this? Would it make any difference if I rented a mail box in a different country then found a service to bring my mail into Spain? My daughter is not well and needs certain supplements that I order from the US. Also, I like to order organic clothes and toys from around the UK. Surely, there's got to be a solution, right? Hopeful!

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I am thinking of relocating from Vancovuer Canada to Spain and would appreciate any one giving me first hand information on whether or not Spain is a good choice.  I have a fourteen year old daughter who is in her first year of senior school.  So information on Educaton would be great along with suggestions of desirabe areas to live. My budget is modest and I would be looking to start or work as a Montessori Teacher or hospitlaity/real estate. Any information is much appreciated.   Thank you.   Charlie

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Dear Anglo info members I am writing from a TV company based in London, and we are currently developing a new documentary idea for a major UK broadcaster, about a hotel on the Costa del Sol, with a British owner. The hotel would ideally be fairly large, to give us a range of character stories and facilities that we could feature in a documentary series. I would be incredibly grateful if any British hoteliers could assist me by sending over your contact details for an initial discussion.  I can be reached at gemma.singleton@dsp.tv With kind regards Gemma Singleton  

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Good Morning,   I am looking for some space to rent in all southern regions of the costa del sol for running a 2-4 hour per week pre school arts and learning class from each location.  I have previously done this in cafes, bars, community centres, childrens centres, village hall etc. If anyone knows of anywhere please contact me!    Classes starting in June 2014 Many thanks  

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I'm sorry to ask but I'm looking to trace an lady who I believe lives in Fuengirola. It is not necessary to give me any personal details but if you know her could you pass on my details to her. It is not bad news or anything serious but I just need to pass on some information to her. The lady is Margaret Gwendoline Reed in Fuengirola davidgoodall.spain@gmail.com wll get me David      

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As we are retiring to the Costa Del Sol region of Spain shortly, is the Seseo commonly used  (i.e. C or Z pronounced as "th" in front of I or E or is Spanish  spoken as in South America and most parts of Spain.  Regards, Matty.

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The other day I can across the refran "a cada cerdo llego su san martin" - every pig has its "san martin"  and I thought it'd be fun for us to post our favourites on here.  Whats yours?

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We are hoping to spend Christmas and New year in Spain,we are looking for a rental property reasonable close to Gibraltar boarder,so we can spend a couple of day trips into Gib,and maybe a day trip to Morocco, so if anyone can let me have details of a villa that we can rent for 10/14 days that will sleep 5/6 would welcome the details,we don't mind a country property but needs to be within an 1/2-1hr from Gib.sabc15.

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I am a 65 year old lady moving from south west France to Calahonda in early April with my little dog. I own a studio apartment in Calahonda but as it is on the 2nd floor it is not really the best place for my dog. I have been trying without luck to find a ground floor apartment with a private garden, (preferably in lower Calahonda/ Calypso area)  to rent for around 3 months April - July, or until I decide whether to buy larger apartment and  live permanently in Calahonda or return to the UK. Can anyone help please? Maz

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The BBC has gone from the campo Cartama Estacion area. What info does anyone have to get it back.  No landline, no broadband up here....

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I'm trying to learn more Spanish and find it super difficult to remember how to conjugate verbs. Does anyone know any tricks to make them easier to memoris?

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Hi. In France we have a site called www.leboncoin.fr where individuals and professionals can place ads for anything and everything including cars, houses etc. Is there a similar site for Spain. Or is there a site that covers most of the estate agents. Have looked at kyero.com but would like to see others. Not only looking for English Estate Agents. Any help much appreciated

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We are driving from Portugal to Gibraltar in a couple of weeks for a three week visit and would like some info please Does anyone know the price of rolling tobacco for 40 grams or is it 50 grams ? Do they sell Samson light? Can you suggest anywhere good to eat? Anyone have any idea how long it takes to get in? Do we have the same problem getting out into Spain? And lastly have I used the right Angloinfo? This is the one that came up when I googled it   Thank you Purdy     

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I want to subscribe to some english magazines, does anyone know if thats even possible? 

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Hi we are thinking of moving from france to costa del sol. my husband will be 70 this year and has his diabetic medication free here in france, we also have 65% refunds on our medical care how will this work in Spain. we also have our European healthcare from works and pensions any advice would be welcome

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