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Has anyone seen rescue remedy drops for sale over here?

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Anyone know of any -similar to weight watchers or slimming world please?

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Does anyone know of any parkinsons help groups in either Ronda or Malaga or maybe southern Spain.

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FREE AYURVEDAWorkshops Open call outto the community:we are looking for venues (weekdays &weekends) that would like to host a FREE by donation AYURVEDAworkshop What are theseworkshops about:an“Introductory Workshop to AYURVEDA”and if you are concerned about your personal healththis will be if interest to youif you would like to host a workshop please contact us:email info@AyurvedaSpain.com / whatsapp 618-317-184  t.628-064-279/facebook pm: amrita Ayurvedafor more about us:www.AyurvedaSpain.comWhatis AYURVEDA? How it can prevent disease! Come find out what this more than 1,500year old science and art of well-being AYURVEDA (a sister science of yoga) hasto offer. Come to understand and enjoy the benefits of AYURVEDA – these WORKSHOPs while in a group gathering willhave very personal relevance for youABOUTYOUR SPEAKER: Valeria has arrived in Marbella from Canada within the last year.While owing for 9 years a yoga studio in Vancouver Canada, Amrita Ayurveda wasborn from a realization that Valeria witnessed, that not only did many peoplecome to yoga to have their souls nurtured but that they had many digestive andother long-term rooted health-mind-body issues that require a very personalizedand individual approach to one’s well-being. This realization was deepened byher own personal digestive challenges that western well-being could not fullyhelp without substantial side effects.

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AyurvedaSpain.comAYURVEDIC AUTUMN DAILY ROUTINE AND DIETThe night air is somewhat cooler yet the days are still warm. Summer has released her hold on the Costa Del Sol, I see leaves scattered around on the sidewalks. Soon kids are going back to school.Healthwise, supporting your body in September is essential to strong immunity and resilience all winter long. Vata individuals suffer the most in September, while Pitta Vata individuals may break out into a rash. Kapha people are the least affected.Grounding breakfast is important during this season. Warm oatmeal , tapioca, cream of rice, cream of wheat, or any grain that pacifies Vata.Cinnamon Oatmeal with Almonds and MilkIngredients:2 tbsp almonds¼ tbsp. cardamom ¼ tbsp. cinnamon1 tsp ghee1 tsp maple syrup or honey1 cup milk1/3 cup oats1. Soak the almonds overnight and peel them in the morning. Blend in a coffee grinder with oatmeal.2. Place oatmeal mix and all ingredients from the list above in a pot. Use double or triple the quantity of milk depending upon level of dryness in the body. If you have difficulty digesting milk substitute almond milk instead.3. Bing to boil stirring constantly. Lower heat to a simmer and cook until soft. Garnish with a pincs of cinnamon.Herbs that may be useful in September are:- Ashwagandha ( good for insomnia, soothing and grounding to your nervous system, relaxes your body and your mind)- Licorice root (tones the adrenals, keeps you grounded and prevents your body from drying out)- Ginger (grounding and also heating – supporting healthy digestion and boosts your immunity)September is a great time to eat the new crop of apples or pears. Their cooling, laxative nature can help purge any residue of summer heat.Apple sacue with Ginger and GheeIngredients:1 cup apple (cooked)1 tsp ghee¼ tsp ginger (dried)1 tbsp raw sugar1. Peel, core, and thinly slice apples. Combine apples in a saucepan with 1/3 cup of water and simmer until the apples are tender, stirring frequently. Add in raw sugar.2. Mix and bring ghee, ginger, and applesauce to a simmer, stirring occasionallyVata Dosha Ritucharya (Seasonal Routine)Autumn is related to the Vata Dosha. The qualities of fall season in general are dry, mobile, subtle, light, and cool. Since like increases like, I need to take care of my Vata Dosha.1. Abyanga – this is a warm oil self-massage. You can use sesame oil or Vata pacifying herbal oil. During the fall season I recommend to do it 3x/week. Or you can book an 1.5 hr Abyanga massage with me. It boosts immunity and improves circulation.2. Eat cooked meals and use Vata Pacifying herbs (turmeric, hing, cumin, cardamom, black mustard seeds, marjoram) or you can use Calming Vata Churna – you can buy it in our store.Hopefully you will take some time out of your busy fall schedules to try out some of these recipesNamaste Valeria @ Ayurveda Spaininfo@AyurvedaSpain.comwww.AyurvedaSpain.com628-064-279

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Does someone know if going to the dentist is covered with you European Insurance Card? I really need to go to see a dentist, I prefer an english speaking one, but I heard stories that you will have to pay in cash. Is there someone here with some experience?

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Hello. Does anyone know if there is an English speaking doctor in the center of Malaga? I am looking for an English speaking doctor (not a private clinic/doctor) where I can go with my European Insurance Card. Thanks.

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I am looking into moving to Spain from France. I am single in my 40's and have an income from English propetry.,   can an anyone advise whether I would get onto the Spanish healthcare system Or would I have to go private?    Thanks for any help. 

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Qualified General Nurse, would be happy to take on any form of Health care.

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Where can i buy TCP in the Malaga area.

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Hi, Am looking for a (cancer) grief group for english speakers; it would be for my sister who lost her husband this year.Of course, if there are any other locations, would be most grateful.Also a specialized english speaking therapist if possible? Mayn thanks,Simone

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Keyhole Surgery Advanced surgical technique with reduced recovery time Surgery is often enough the last and only option for the treatment of certain medical problems. In the past this procedure did sometimes involve major surgery, resulting in a disfiguring scar and elongated post- operative rehabilitation time. In the 1960th keyhole surgery techniques were developed. In the early stages of this surgical technique it was only used to find or confirm the medical diagnosis. With further development it allows the surgeon to not only to get a visual impression of the body part, but also deal with medical problems, like clean and wash out and repair damaged structures.  Keyhole surgery is nowadays used in several different surgical fields. Abdominal surgeon use this technique to remove the appendix, gynaecologist use it to remove small tumours from the ovaries, heart surgeons to advance a catheter towards the heart to check and clean the major blood vessels.  As an orthopaedic surgeon key hole surgery is used on different joints and is called arthroscopy (from the Greek words arthros = joint, and scopien = visualize). Statistically out of 20 arthroscopies performed by orthopaedic surgeon, 17 of these a done on a knee joint, and two are done on a shoulder. The other joints that could be examined and treated by keyhole surgery are the elbow, the wrist, the hip and the ankle.  Key hole surgery on a joint is not very demanding technically, but it still has a rather long learning curve due to the circumstances that the surgeon is looking straight ahead on a television screen, meanwhile his/her hands are using arthroscopic instruments pointing in a different direction. The surgeon also has to get use to the fact that the pictures visualized on the screen is magnified 2,5 fold. Once the medical examine, radiographic or even magnetic resonance images have confirmed that there might be some medical problem, degenerative changes or damage following an accident inside the joints, keyhole surgery would be indicated. The typical arthroscopy on a knee joint takes about 45 minutes. It is usually performed under general anaesthetics, but could be performed under spinal anaesthetics (epidural). A tourniquet (like a blood pressure cuff) is applied around the thigh to stop the blood flow into the leg and allow good visibility inside the joint, if needed. Two small, about half an inch long cuts are made on each side of the knee joint to introduce the camera on one side and the instruments on the other. The camera has the size of a pencil and is equipped with a light source and a magnifying lens. The coloured pictures are directly transferred by a cable to a television screen. Nowadays there a many different arthroscopic instruments available, like scissors, forceps, shavers, suturing devices and other. The equipment allows not just cleaning the knee out from any debris, but also repair damaged parts of the meniscus, fill up gabs in the cartilage surface and even repair a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. A part from the cruciate ligament repair, the other procedures would be performed as a day case surgery, allowing the patient to go home the same day, using two crutches fully weight bearing through the operated leg. The stitches, usual one per skin cut, would be removed after 10 days, and the total recovery to normal daily activity like walking, swimming, driving and even minor sports like going on a bicycle or playing golf takes about 10 to 14 days.

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Hi, does anyone out there know where I can buy all the equipment I will need for when I have had my hip op. I know I can get everything from Amazon but they will charge too much for postage. If there is anyone out there who has had this proceedure in Spain I would like to chat with you.

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Has anyone had knee surgery carried out here on the costa del sol, either private or nhs(Spain).i need to have recommendation, waiting time, cost,etc.

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Hallo   Is there an Alzheimer's support group in the Malaga region please?

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I was told today that EHIC cards can only be used for 90 days. Seens scarcely credible.???    

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Hola ! I am the 54year old wife of a retired 66year UK pensioner . What health entitlements , if any ! do I have if I do not work in Spain ?  . Cannot find this info on any Spanish or UK sites so would appreciate any help !  Many thanks 

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We live in France at the moment and are thinking of relocating to Spain. My husband and I are approaching 60. we would not be working so therefore we would need Private Health Insurance. Does anyone know if it is very expensive. We already pay insurance in France and would like to compare.  Thanks

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Does anyone have any contacts for a hypnotist who helps with weightloss? English speaking.

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