Alzheimer's support group

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Hallo   Is there an Alzheimer's support group in the Malaga region please?


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Dont know about Alzheimers support , but there is a very good clinic near Tivoli World , a bit off from your question but we took an ill Grandchild there and they were marvelous ,even had a desk staffed by people to help in your language ,the lady who helped us from start to finish was Spanish but had lived in UK for 30 years returning "home" after the death of her English husband .

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Where is Tivoli World please? Name of clinic?

I speak fairly fluent Soanush so language rarely a problem although have been stuck for a word on occasion of course.

It was more an Alzheimer's self-help type group I was wondering about but mayb no need?

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Sorry dont know the name of the clinic ,but its one run by the junta , Tivoly World  ?, just watch for the cable cars and head for the bottom of the cable!

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Must admit I have been trying to learn Soanush myself ,but cant find any courses in the language.

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I THINK Malaga Univerdity runs courses in Spanish for foreigners

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