chesty cough - what to buy?

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Can anyone recommend an over the counter medicine to sort out a chesty cough? thanks


mgordon 1384596031

I'd just go into the farmacia, I have been to a few and they are always very helpful even if they don't speak english.

sneezewort 1384852158

Fluimil is good is you have a grotty chest, it helps to dissolve the build up of gunk (yuck, sorry!)  - in my case it worked very quickly!

custardpie-903507 1384936834

Thanks, I'm feeling much better now

Kellylolo 1386869010

Homeotox is an excellent Homeopathic cough syrup really great!

custardpie-903507 1386876176

I shall bear that in mind for the future, thanks for taking the time to mention it.

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