coughing remedy?

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I have a bad cough and it is keeping me awake, has anyone got any tips to soothe it and let me get some rest?


Trueporteno 1357932778

Thyme honey and lie on your side

oryx 1357988046

I can so sympathise! I've found using an extra pillow and sitting up more than usual when sleeping helps, plus I drink a warm fresh orange juice with cinnamon and honey before bedtime...definetly soothing.

goatherd-368432 1359736542



This is infallible...... 50/50 Honey and Apple Vinegar in a little warm water.... it's magic, works where the doctor has failed...

Hope you are soon better

sneezewort 1359791724

I'm much better now thanks, I have heard of the honey/apple vinegar thing before but never tried it - will keep it in mind for next time though! Where do you get apple vineger from, I don't think I have seen it here.

Lucille-849832 1376993350

I am sure cider will be equally as good. Lucille

heaven sent 1377032899

I have seen apple cider vinegar in the bigger supermarkets

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