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I am doing research for a company to determine if there is a demand for a diet and weight loss program in Spain.There is a great company thinking of starting in Spain.  The name is" Easy Diet:".  It is much like Diet Chef in the UK or Jenny Creig in the US.  When you enroll you receive your food for a week, you have one appointment each week either by skype or in person to record your progress.  The cost is 100.00 euros to join per year.  The cost of the food is about 100.00 euros a week.  In the appointment each week you receive a progress report and help with your weight loss.  The food is very good.  It is frozen and dried.  Most of it is cooked in the microwave.  This is a diet that is easy to follow because you don't count anything.  You just eat according to the menu you receive when you join. I would love your comments and suggestions.  If you would like to join please send me your name and email and I will send you information when they are starting.  This is a great program that really works.  I hope the demand is here so they will come into Spain.


heaven sent 1400524337

It sounds rather expensive, and I think there are already some Spanish companies running similar businesses.

polly-853070 1401098742

Hi, It does seem a little expensive, however I am sure if that was "adjusted" there would be a call, as there aren't enough weight loss clubs, ie weight watchers over here - I know I travel about 40 mins to go to one ! let me know and will certainly consider.

ladygaga-853361 1401123988

I'm sure that some will find this service very useful, especially if they lead a busy lifestyle and don't have time to cook - but I have to admit the fact that most of it nis microwave meals would put me off. 1401185546

Thank you for your information.

Jane Jewson 1402358104

Hi, How depressing! Preprepared frozen and microwavable food! How can that be good?

The mediteranean diet is renowned as being one of the healthiest in the northern hemisphere. Here in Spain the food is exceptional, there is an abundance of seasonal fruit and vegatables grown here and there is more and more demand for mineral and vitamin rich organic foods as people get sick on the packaged and fast foods so readily available from supermarkets. When people get sick or overwight they need to become aware of what they are putting in their mouths, often that means a change of mind or a release of stored emotions and beliefs about themselves. They need to learn about nutrition and retraining their tastebuds so they can begin to enjoy the benefits of healthy fresh food instead of those stuffed with additives artificial sugars, salt, colours, e numbers preservatives etc. A more conscious natural way of living, will make us sustainably well. Some of us have been brought up on rubbish we all need to learn what healthy eating is about and how it can keep us well. We don't need and should eat as little frozen and particularly microwaved food as possible as apart from anything else it's so often cooked in plastics which leech chemicals into the food and raise the levels of oestrogen and other petro chemical imitators that mess up the natural hormone balance in the body which in turn contribute to things such as cancer and infertility, reproductive, thyroid and so many other problems.

There is already a strong dietary system here which claims to promote good health as well as weight loss which loads of people swear by, but none of the products they sell are fresh, it's all packaged, and I believe consists mainly of powders and bars, how's that going to work on the long term?. 1402513273

Thank you for your input.



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